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This Brave Puppy Jumped From A Moving Truck After He Was Dognapped

But now the injured doggy needs surgery for the injuries he suffered in making the brave leap.

Last updated on July 30, 2015, at 2:54 p.m. ET

Posted on July 29, 2015, at 11:08 a.m. ET

This is Jax, a 3-month-old blue pitbull puppy.

He lives with his owners, Jordan Quick and Jaimie Higuera, outside of Austin, Texas.

But on Sunday morning a thief broke into the couple's apartment and snatched the pup, driving away with him in the back of a pickup truck.

"I got home and saw my Xbox was missing and thought that was weird," Quick told BuzzFeed News. "But then I could't find Jax and I started freaking out and it dawned on me that we had been robbed."

"I started panicking and shouting for my dog, hoping that he had just gotten out and ran away."


After calling the authorities, Quick set up a Facebook page to begin the search for his stolen dog.

But soon Quick received a message from someone telling him someone had found Jax, who had jumped from the back of the moving truck as it sped down the highway. A good samaritan then stopped to rescue the injured puppy and drive him to a vet.

The good Samaritan was Ken Paulsen, who told BuzzFeed News he was driving down the highway when he noticed something strange in the pickup in front of him.

"I noticed a puppy head poke up out of the bed of the truck, then went down, then poked up on the passenger side of the truck," he said.

"The third time the puppy poked his head up, he was on the driver's side and put his front paws over the back tail gate. At this point, I thought, 'Oh no, no, no, no, no!'"

"I wasn't sure if he jumped or if the truck hit a bump and bounced the pup out, but he immediately went over the tail gate head over heels," Paulsen said.

He stopped to pick up the whimpering dog, angry at the the truck driver, whom he assumed was the owner, for being so irresponsible.

After taking Jax to the vet, where Paulsen said staff quickly fell in love with the little puppy, Paulsen started a GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of the veterinary bills.

That's when someone sent the link to Quick.

"I just started freaking out and I was on the verge of tears," Quick said. "Somebody had found my dog! He was hurt, but he was OK."


In addition to road rash, Jax had broken his pelvis by leaping from the truck. He'll eventually need surgery, but vets are waiting for him to grow up a bit before he undergoes an operation.

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A GoFundMe page set up to cover the costs of the surgery has already surpassed its $2,300 goal.

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Quick said being reunited with his dog on Tuesday was very emotional.

"When he saw me, he was like, 'DADDY!' and I just held him for a minute and he was shaking his little tail," he said. "It was beautiful."

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