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These People Had Their Broadway Tickets Cancelled Because Of The Snow

History is happening in Manhattan.

Posted on January 23, 2016, at 2:31 p.m. ET

The massive blizzard bearing down on the U.S. East Coast over the weekend has caused damage and destruction — and also dashed the dreams of theatergoers with the hottest tickets in town.

Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

As with all Broadway shows, Hamilton cancelled both its matinee and evening performances on Saturday due to the storm.

Due to the storm, both performances have been cancelled. Stay tuned for details about tomorrow. All tix for today's shows will be refunded.

People had already begun lining up for the matinee show when the news came through.

No luck for me. Line for tix to @HamiltonMusical matinee. All Broadway shows cancelled tonight!

The cancellation prompted some good Aaron Burr jokes on Twitter.

All Broadway shows cancelled tonight. "Hamilton" performance alert level has gone from "John Adams" to "Aaron Burr".

Another Brrrr kills #Hamilton. MT @HamiltonMusical: Due to the storm, both performances have been cancelled for today.

For many, though, the news was devastating.

@HamiltonMusical So sad.....we flew a long way and bought pretty expensive tixs......oh well.....that's life......

Other disappointed ticket holders stuck in Midtown Manhattan during a blizzard tried to make the best of a bad situation.

Having been deprived of our "Hamilton" matinee, my people are gathering in the lobby bar at the Marriott Marquis. Join us for show tunes?

Some good news: Tickets for the show, which sell for thousands of dollars on re-sale websites, will be refunded.

However, many of those who had been set to see Hamilton on Saturday probably won't get another shot for a long time since the show is sold out for months to come.

This fact was not lost on several fans...

@HamiltonMusical We got tickets back in May & have been waiting forever! Any chance we can get tickets for another show instead of a refund?

@HamiltonMusical I don't want a refund I just want to see the show before 2019

One dude said he had been more than willing to trek in for the show.

Wikimedia/Jason Gold/Twitter / Via Twitter: @jay_gold

The sad reality, though, was that the blizzard had left many Hamilton fans feeling rather helpless.

The Hamilton cast, including creator and star Lin Manuel Miranda, had already arrived at the theater by the time all of Broadway was shut down.

Well I made it to work from uptown. And had a lovely A train ride w @thewillswenson along the way!

Of course, if Miranda mentions the word "uptown," soundtrack-addicted fans know just how to respond.

4 out of 5 agree, time to make this joke! Gotta eat lunch byyyyeee

With their show cancelled — and champagne and whiskey flowing freely — the cast members treated disappointed fans to some snow-themed numbers on Twitter.

#snowmaggedon2016 freestyle from @LacketyLac & old man Miranda

#snowmaggedon2016 carol from @LacketyLac & @OakSmash

#snowmaggedon2016 carol from @Phillipasoo

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