The Westboro Baptist Church Got Trolled By The Foo Fighters

Never gonna run around and desert Foo.

You're probably aware of a little group called the Westboro Baptist Church.

The extremist, right-wing group of Christians travel across the country protesting soldiers' funerals and other high-profile events to rail against what they say is the moral decline of American civilization.

You're also probably aware of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, a group of badass rockers who don't suffer fools kindly.

When the Westboro protesters decided to picket the band's concert on Friday night, the Foo Fighters deployed the internet's most powerful weapon: the Rick Roll!

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The WB protesters had gathered with their usual collection of hateful signs outside the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, when Dave and the other Foo Fighters came (Rick) rolling in on the back of a pickup.

They held up signs saying "You got Rick Roll'd (again)" and "Keep It Clean."

The cheers from the crowd of jostling fans soon drowned out the hateful protest and the band continued on their merry way.

Nice trolling, boys.

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