What Money Tips Would You Give Others 10 Years Younger Than You?

BuzzFeed News wants our readers to become richer by listening to…our readers. Let us know what financial advice you have for those younger than you.

If you had a time machine and could go back 10 years, what financial advice would you give yourself? What money tips do you wish you knew? What planning or saving or investing or spending do you wish you could have done? 

BuzzFeed News is asking readers to share their financial wisdom with younger generations. We want to know what advice people in their 20s have for teens.

In your 30s? What money stuff do you wish you’d done in your college years? 

What tips do 40-year-olds have for those in their 30s? 

You get the idea. 

Thinking about money or financial planning can be overwhelming, so that’s why we want to hear from regular people who have the benefit of hindsight and accrued wisdom.  

Please fill out this form, and you may be contacted to participate in a future BuzzFeed News story about money. We take your privacy seriously and will not publish any identifying information without your permission.

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