A Woman's Been Charged With Murder For Placing Her Baby In A Fridge

The 4-day-old infant died from hypothermia and asphyxiation, coroners determined.

A South Carolina woman appeared in court Tuesday, charged with allegedly killing her newborn son by leaving him for hours in a refrigerator.

Angela Blackwell, 27, allegedly placed her 4-day-old son in a refrigerator in her home on Feb. 27, shut the door, and left him for about three hours, according to an affidavit provided to BuzzFeed News by the Chester County Sheriff's Office.

She then allegedly removed the infant, whom authorities have declined to identify, and sought medical attention, but the baby was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Autopsy results showed the infant died from hypothermia and asphyxiation from being in the fridge, Chester County Coroner Deputy Coroner Stephanie Bishop said.

After a six-month investigation, Blackwell was arrested on Monday by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and is being held in the Chester County jail, online records show.

She's been charged with murder/homicide by homicide by child abuse and is facing 20 years to life in prison if convicted.

She appeared in court on Tuesday, where a bail request was denied.

Bond denied for Angela Blackwell. A magistrate cannot set bond on a murder charge.

Sheriff's Chief Deputy Robert Sprouse would not tell BuzzFeed News what authorities believe prompted Blackwell to kill the child.

The baby's father, Jeff Davis, told local station WSOC Blackwell was innocent of the charge, describing her as a "good mom."

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