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Three People Now Dead, 558 Sick In Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak

Three people have now died and at least 558 people have been infected by an outbreak linked to cucumbers imported from Mexico, federal officials said Tuesday.

Last updated on July 3, 2018, at 1:24 p.m. ET

Posted on September 5, 2015, at 12:57 p.m. ET

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Three people have now died and almost 550 fallen ill due to a salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers imported from Mexico, federal health authorities said Tuesday.

Officials say 558 have been infected with salmonella poona since July 3, with 112 of those people hospitalized. One person died in California, another in Texas, and a third in Arizona, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The numbers mark a continued escalation of the salmonella outbreak — on Sep. 4, authorities had reported that 285 people had been infected and 53 hospitalized.

Illnesses have now been reported in 33 states, but California has recorded the most, with 120 infections. Arizona has had 95 recorded illnesses, while Utah has had 46.

The CDC and the FDA are investigating the outbreak of salmonella poona infections, which officials believe are linked to the imported cucumbers distributed by Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce.

California Department of Public Health / Via

Many people interviewed by health officials reported eating cucumbers in the week before they fell ill.

On Sep. 4, Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce voluntarily recalled all the cucumbers it sold under the “Limited Edition” brand label between Aug. 1 and Sep. 3.

"It is unlikely that cucumbers in retail grocery stores will have any identifying brand information," according to the California Department of Public Health. "[The department] recommends that consumers check with their grocer to determine if the cucumbers they purchased are impacted by this warning."

Symptoms of salmonella infections include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps, according to the CDC. The infection can also spread from the intestine to the bloodstream.