The White House Accidentally Promoted A Sarcastic News Piece Making Fun Of Them

Things are going great!

Just this week, the White House launched an email newsletter called "1600 Daily" to update people on what the president is up to and share information about the administration's plans.

The newsletter also includes handpicked media reports providing positive coverage of the Trump White House.

As you can see above, Friday's newsletter included this Thursday Washington Post opinion piece on Trump's controversial budget proposal from columnist Alexandra Petri.

The problem? The piece was actually a total parody that was completely dragging Trump.

Let's review the evidence! Petri began her piece with a lot of ALL CAPS about how Trump's budget will eliminate the SOFT and WEAK.

Of the cut to the State Department's budget, Petri writes soft diplomacy is something "a woman would do" and literally ends the paragraph with the words "PEW PEW PEW."

With respect to the Agriculture Department, she urges women, infants, and children to "FIGHT for the meat or have NONE."

And then, finally, she ends her piece with the lines "RAW POWER! HARD RAW POWER GRRRRRR HISSS POW!"

Reacting to the fact that the White House decided to include this in its daily newsletter, a lot of people concluded that no one from the Trump administration actually read the piece.

This was in today's email from the White House. So clearly, literally no one read the linked piece by @petridishes,…

Maybe they just read the headline and were happy with that?

This White House clearly only reads the headlines of articles.

@petridishes somebody looked at this and thought "a positive headline from WaPo, this seems fine and not suspicious at all"

When Petri was informed someone had apparently taken her piece seriously, she could barely contain her shock.

But then she became sad that at least one person hadn't read her piece.

The Post piece was eventually removed from the newsletter, presumably because someone finally read it.

Things are going great!

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