Most Italian Thing Ever: Cops Used Pizza To Arrest A Mafia Boss Watching Soccer

Shouts of "Mamma Mia!" were heard, we assume.

In news that no doubt combines every Italian thing you can think of, cops in Naples posed as undercover pizza delivery guys in order to arrest a fugitive mafia boss while he was watching a soccer game.

Roberto Manganiello, the 35-year-old leader of the Camorra mafia group that is active in the north of Naples, was arrested on Saturday evening, according to the Italian interior ministry.

#IlCapodellaPolizia apprezzamento arresto #Manganiello: cattura latitanti uno dei pilastri lotta crimine organizzato

Manganiello had been on the run since 2013 and was one of Italy's most wanted men for overseeing the mafia group that authorities say is behind murders and weapons smuggling.

While he was in an apartment in Orta di Atella watching the game between Inter Milan and Napoli, police posing as pizza delivery guys were able to enter the residence and arrest him, authorities said.

On Twitter, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano praised police for the arrest, which he described as "another blow to the Camorra."

Compounding Manganiello's shitty Saturday night: Naples didn't even win the soccer match, with Milan claiming a 2-0 victory.

h/t AFP

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