This iPhone Trick Makes Moving The Cursor When Typing A Million Times Easier And People Are Shook

"I was today years old when I found this out."

Atlanta food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis was scrolling through Facebook on Sunday when she came across something ASTONISHING.

As she learned from this life-changing screenshot, when you click and hold on the iPhone keyboard it makes moving the cursor a ton easier.

How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? I feel duped.

She said the discovery, which she shared in a tweet that soon went viral, was akin to striking iPhone gold.

"I thought I was an idiot for never having discovered this gem myself," she told BuzzFeed News. "My mind was blown. Literally."

For Brierre-Davis, the iPhone trick is going to make fixing typos way simpler.

"I could never get the cursor to go where I wanted," she said. "I’ve even deleted a full sentence just to avoid having to go back and change a mistake in a word."

Because I am a serious Investigative Journalist (*cough*) I had to try it for myself.

And, dear reader, it WORKS. You don't even need to hold down the space bar. Just click and hold anywhere on the keypad just like a laptop trackpad.

She wasn't the only one who was blown away. Here's reporter and noted Twitter personality Yashar Ali.

And here's Mike Isaac, a TECHNOLOGY reporter for the NEW YORK TIMES.

this just changed my entire life

When asked by BuzzFeed News about why the Times' esteemed tech reporter has no idea how tech works, Isaac replied, " commebt [sic]."

half my mentions: woaaaaaaaah other half my mentions: u dum

As all the nerds in Isaac's mentions made clear, this feature has been around since at least 2015's iPhone 6s.

3D Touch on new iPhones: Push to activate touchpad, move your cursor and select text. World changed. Via @BenBajarin


@krissys_kitchen I was today years old when I found this out

It doesn't make it any less glorious.

@krissys_kitchen OMG. This is like gliding your scissors across wrapping paper 💀🔥🙌🏼

Or life-changing.

@krissys_kitchen Holy shit, you just changed my life.

This new era of my life begins today.

@krissys_kitchen @SeanStanglandDH This is LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION.

Happy iPhone-ing!!!!

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