This Photo Of Donald Trump Jr. In The Woods Is Now A Huge Meme

"When dad doesn't invite everyone to Mar-a-Lago."

On Saturday, the New York Times published an extensive profile of Donald Trump Jr., the president's oldest son.

Donald Trump Jr. decided early on not to measure himself against his father

The piece covered all aspects of Trump Jr.'s life, touching on his controversial love of hunting African wildlife to the time he compared refugees fleeing war to Skittles.

But it was the atmospheric lead image of Trump Jr. looking emotional in the woods at his father's Bedford, NY estate that really got people talking.

Some queried why he looked rather awkward sitting down.

Others wondered why he was all alone.

It kinda looks like he's starring in a Cialis commercial?


A lot of people had questions about why his shoes looked so clean.

Patton Oswalt compared Trump Jr.'s pose to Prince.

While comedian Rob Delaney had a few savage burns of his own.

Some people thought it looked like Trump Jr. was going to drop a new album.

But the photo also made a LOT of people think of 💩.

Many had other theories for why Trump Jr. looked kinda emotional.


Stay safe out there!

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