These Emojis May Be On Your Phone Next Year


We all know emojis are 👍 👌 and we use them all the⌚️ to express ourselves.

🚨 BIG NEWS 🚨 The list of new emoji that may find their way onto your 📱 next year has been released!

The Unicode Consortium, the group of tech companies that oversees the system that converts computer code to readable text, has released a list of 67 emojis that have been accepted as candidates for potential inclusion into the official Unicode language. 😮😮😮

In May next year the Unicode Technical Committee will meet to determine which emojis will make the final cut and be released for use in June 2016.

You can read the full list here, but here's what the best of them might look like...

Lots of new faces! There's a cowboy face, a nauseated face, a ROFL face, a drooling face, a lying face, and a sneezing face!

New hands: a "call me" gesture, a left and right fist bump, a hand shake, and a hand with fingers crossed!

Our dear friend 🙋 might get some new gestures, including a facepalm, a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , and a selfie hand!!

And look! Unicode is playing matchmaker! The sassy💃might have a male dance partner to shake her groove thing with.

Turning to the 🌲🌍, the potential new emojis are an eagle, a duck, an owl, a fox, a shark, a bat, and a butterfly.

We might get some new transport options, including a canoe, a scooter, and a motor scooter — because, really, how many trains do we need?!?

And now to the reason we're all here: FOOD. We see a potential avocado, carrot, potato, bacon, paella-type dish, "stuffed flatbread" (i.e. shawarma), and a healthy salad.

Also a few things to please the French: a croissant, baguette, and clinking champagne flutes! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷


And finally, a cucumber/pickle. Because we needed another way than just the eggplant to describe penises.

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