A Florida Woman Allegedly Peed, Spat, And Wiped Her Toilet Hands In A Store's Ice Cream

"I guess she didn't like that we were getting popular," said the owner of the ice cream shop, which is next to the woman's business.

A Florida woman was arrested Monday and accused of contaminating the ice cream of a neighboring business with her spit, urine, and snot.

Jung Soon Wypcha, a 66-year-old St. Petersburg resident and owner of the Indian Shores Food Mart, was allegedly caught on camera tampering with the products sold by the Lu Lu's Ice Cream store next door over several days in late June.

According to a Pinellas County criminal complaint, she was seen using a bathroom the two stores share more than five times June 17 without closing the door. After not washing her hands, she was filmed walking over to a freezer and rubbing her hands on the ice cream.

Another video caught her picking her nose and sticking her hands in the dessert, while yet another caught her spitting in the product.

On June 22, she was filmed peeing in a bucket used to churn ice cream. She then emptied the contents into a sink the ice cream store used to rinse its utensils and bowls.

"She then opens the ice cream freezer, puts her hands inside, and leaves the room," read the criminal complaint.

Her actions were said to have forced Lu Lu's owners to discard $2,000 worth of ice cream.

Store owner Paul Chiulli didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, but he told the Tampa Bay Times on Monday he had to close the shop fo five days.

"I guess she didn't like that we were getting popular," he said.

Wypcha was arrested Monday and charged with an act of tampering, which is a first-degree felony, and criminal mischief, a third-degree felony.

No defense attorney was listed for her, and she did not respond to a voicemail request for comment.

Her arrest came just two days after authorities in Texas said they had identified a young woman filmed licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream before putting it back in a supermarket freezer as part of a now-viral video.

The teen's case has been turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for consideration.

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