Please Enjoy Angela Merkel, Chancellor Of Sass, Rolling Her Eyes At Vladimir Putin


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently hosting world leaders for the G20 conference in Hamburg.

There have been a lot of great photos of Merkel mingling with other leaders, including this one!

And this one!

And this one!

But get ready for the best photo of all. While she was talking with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president appeared to engage in some quality mansplaining, waving his finger at her and everything.

Then this incredible eye roll happened... 😑

Don't believe me? Here's the footage.

Mansplaining, G20 style. Watch Angela Merkel’s eye-roll.

Look again, the two leaders appear to be discussing something that involves a lot of hand movements. (Maybe missiles? Because North Korea just tested a big one?)

Putin explaining to Angela Merkel how ballistic missiles work

Merkel is all, "Missiles fly like this."

And Putin thinks about it for a second...

Then he's like, "Well, actually..."

And Merkel just lets them roll.

A lot of people, particularly women, could relate to Merkel.

Some were wondering where they'd seen something like this before...

While others wondered what Putin said that caused Merkel to lose it.

@SimonNRicketts Putin is explaining how he gets his chest so shiny by rubbing baby oil on it before he goes outdoor…

But a lot of people just wanted to hang out with her.

In short...

A toast to Merkel, the Chancellor of Sass.

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