The Best Tweets From The New Hampshire Democratic Primary

No news here. Just tweets.

Lol New Hampshire is going to be called faster than Iowa reported a single precinct

New Hampshire: releases more that 3% of votes in a single day. Iowa:

Getting word that Jason Derulo has fallen down the stairs at his New Hampshire primary polling location

My prom was more happening than this--and I was home-schooled! #Biden

Michael Bennet simultaneously announces and ends presidential bid

Amy Klobuchar is eating Elizabeth Warren’s lunch, with a comb. #FITN

OH MEIN GOTT honey ve flex what a nacht for ze klein klobsters Neu Hampshire 20 percent klaus up

currently workshopping a version of the 1996 hit song "How Bizarre" with the lyrics changed to "Klobuchar" and it is NOT going well

pete and amy seeing who’s gonna come in second behind bernie #NHprimary2020

"Pete and Amy" sounds like the name of a 90s sitcom

But the real story tonight is the third-place beagle

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