Baltimore Police Officer Drags Man From His Own Home, Sparking Investigation

"This is my house!" the 18-year-old protestes in the video. "That don't matter," the officer replied.

The Baltimore Police Department said Tuesday it's investigating a viral video that showed the arrest of an 18-year-old man in the doorway of his own home.

Video posted on Facebook shows the arrest of Tionne Jones on the 1800 block of Barclay street on Saturday evening.

The man who filmed the video, 18-year-old Antonio McLaurin, told BuzzFeed News he and his cousin Jones were stopped by police while entering the rear of Jones' family home because the front door was locked. They informed the officer they were not breaking into the home, but the officer came to the front of the home and demanded to speak to the property owner.

In the video, Jones, wearing a green sweatshirt, tells the police lieutenant who has his hand in the doorway of the home to leave the premises because he did not have a warrant.

"We knew our rights because my mother used to be a Baltimore city police officer," McLaurin told BuzzFeed News. "He kept having his hand in there."

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, police spokesman T.J. Smith confirmed a lieutenant had "observed a person attempting to get into the rear of the home" and "approached the individual to investigate further."

"During the lieutenant's attempt to gather more information and confirm that the individual had legal access to the residence, he called for additional officers to respond to the scene," Smith said.

Another officer then arrived on scene and was filmed dragging Jones from the doorway.

"A white police officer just ran up and grabbed him and slammed him out of the door," McLaurin said. "They slammed him for nothing because he's trying to get into his house."

"This is my house!" Jones can be heard protesting in the video.

"That don't matter," the officer replied.

Jones was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and charged "on a criminal citation," police said.

Jones was held in jail until Monday morning when he was released without charges, a representative at the city's jail central booking told BuzzFeed News.

Smith said the police department's executive team met to discuss the case. "Our assessment is that criminal charges were not appropriate in this situation and we contacted the State's Attorney's Office to request that charges be dropped," he said.

"We currently are investigating the actions of the police officer and police lieutenant internally," Smith added.

McLaurin's mother, retired police officer Tawanda McLaurin, told the Baltimore Sun she had seen the video and was "very disappointed" and "ashamed" of her former colleagues.

"I wore the uniform, I did this job, but I treated people as humans," she said. "I'm hurt. It's hard to describe."

"[Antonio] said to me, 'This could have been another Freddie Gray incident,'" she said. "You know, as a retired officer, how that made me feel?"

Antonio McLaurin told BuzzFeed News that he now feels unsafe in his own home. "They're harassing us," he said of the police. "We ain't doing nothing."

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