Sharing Is Magic When Ecologists Meet BronyCon

If friendship is magic, then ecologists should enjoy their summer convention, which is overlapping with the world’s largest gathering of those who love My Little Pony, known as Bronies.

You gotta share, you gotta care, as PinkiePie put it. Ecologists will get their chance when they share their annual meeting in August with BronyCon, the world's largest My Little Pony convention.

On August 9, the closing day of BronyCon overlaps with opening ceremonies of the Ecological Society of America meeting at the Baltimore Convention Center.

About 5,000 ecologists are expected to attend the ESA convention, Liza Lester of the ESA told BuzzFeed News. Most probably aren't aware of the magical meeting, but the event's organizers hope the two groups won't be Fluttershy.

"I don't think our membership has realized it yet, but our staff is extremely looking forward to it," Lester said.

Last year's BronyCon drew 9,600 attendees, fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television show. "Cosplay of any type is certainly welcome at BronyCon!" according to the convention's guidelines. Its costume policy adds: "We love to see our attendees dress up in all sorts of creative and interesting costumes!"

Ecologists more often wear mundane outfits. But because it is the 100th anniversary, the ESA plans a multimedia musical concert and workshops to kick off its meeting at the convention center, where ecologists and Bronies can mingle in the hallways.

"Ecologists are pretty nice people. I'm sure they won't be mean to them," says Lester. "Our program manager says we've had very cordial relations with BronyCon. We've already swapped rooms with them a few times."

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