9 Things Your Parents Need To Learn About The Internet

Mom, trust me: It's okay to switch from your original AOL email address. The internet's just trying to help, honest.

1. It's okay to switch from your original email address.

Come on, give Gmail a try! It does some really cool stuff! And it's much more secure than that AOL account you've been using.

2. Give BCC a try when you send emails.

3. Please don't forward us chain emails.

4. You should stop paying for dial up.

5. Don't worry about internet slang – it's not worth the trouble.

6. We love hearing from you — just not via internet greeting cards.

7. Talk normally when video chatting with us.

8. You should try out Twitter, but you should follow somebody outside your immediate family.

@relatedtojustin Get a job, hippie.



@relatedtojustin Get a job, hippie.

9. Don't worry about getting hacked — just be more careful.

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