Trump Was Seen Saluting A North Korean Military Officer In Kim Jong Un's Propaganda Video

In a moment of confusion, the US president can be seen returning a salute from a North Korean military official.

North Korea put out a propaganda video Thursday chronicling the summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump — and the footage has some stand-out moments.

The most notable of these comes at 23:26, when the president is glad-handing a number of North Korean dignitaries and military officials.

Initially offering his hand for a shake, Trump is met with a salute from a North Korean military officer. The president then salutes the military figure in turn — as the officer offers his hand.

When asked about the gesture, White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "It's a common courtesy when a military official from another government salutes to return the gesture."

Here it is in gif-form.

The Donald Trump handshake confusion really ought to be a gif. So I made it into a gif.

And here it is in context.

In which Trump salutes a man who appears to be a North Korean military officer.

The film opens with rousing music over a sunrise or sunset as a voiceover states that North Korea will work toward "peace and harmony."

State media in North Korea produced extensive coverage of the summit in print and video, reportedly with better access at times than American journalists.

"North Korea’s traveling media delegation -- dressed in matching black -- followed Kim through Singapore documenting throngs of fascinated onlookers during an impromptu late-night tour to inspect examples of the glimmering city-state’s economic development," Bloomberg reported.

"The close coordination between the Pyongyang delegation and its traveling press meant that when the North Korean journalists sprang into action, it signaled to the rest of the media pack that Kim was about to make a move."

You can watch the whole propaganda video here:

View this video on YouTube / Via SBS News / YouTube

Translation from Korean was provided by Jin Tuley.

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