These Photos Show How Students Barricaded Themselves Against A School Shooter

One student was injured in a shooting Friday morning at a Florida high school — during a national walkout against gun violence.

While thousands of students walked out of high schools across the country to protest gun violence Friday, students at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida, barricaded themselves against a gunman who carried a shotgun in a guitar case and opened fire, injuring one 17-year-old student in the ankle.

Students shared photographs of their classrooms on social media following the incident. Several had barricaded desks against the doors.

Jake Mailhiot, 16, a junior, posted a photo a friend had taken of a psychology classroom at the school, where students had piled desks and chairs against the door.

School shooting at my school, this crap is terrifying.... Praying for everyone. There was actually a scheduled walkout today. It becomes super real when it's your school.

"I didn't hear anything other than people from other classrooms crying," he told CNN. The school was on lockdown for an hour, according to police.

People shared the images as students protested in Washington, DC, and elsewhere, as evidence of the continued presence of gun violence in schools.

This photo was taken this morning at Forest HS in Ocala, FL, when students were barricaded in a classroom frightened for their lives when they should have instead been walking out of class for #NationalSchoolWalkout day--on the anniversary of the tragic Columbine shooting.

Observers noted the students had also planned to hold a walkout against gun violence later in the day.

Some students can't participate in the #NationalSchoolWalkout because they are barricaded in. This is a photo from Forest High School in Ocala, Florida where a shooting occured this morning.

"Barricade building is a skill these kids should not have to be good at," one person wrote.

These are pictures from inside Forest High School in Ocala this morning Students built impressive barricades to keep out a school shooter Barricade building is a skill these kids should not have to be good at #Ocala #foresthighschool

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said the suspect shooter, identified as 19-year-old Sky Bouche, did not resist being taken into custody, and the injured student was quickly transported to the hospital.

The wounded student's injuries are not life-threatening, according to a spokesperson for the school system.

Craig Ham, deputy superintendent of operations for Marion County Public Schools, told BuzzFeed News the gunman carried the shotgun in a guitar case into the school. Ham said the shooter fired at the bottom of a locked classroom door, and pellets struck the victim in the ankle.

A judge ordered Bouche be held without bond during a court hearing Saturday morning.

Bouche faces charges of terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, culpable negligence, possession of a firearm on school property, possession of a short-barrelled shotgun, interference in school property and armed trespass on school property.

He is scheduled to return to court on May 22.

Stephanie K. Baer contributed reporting to this story.

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