New Controversial Anti-Islam Ads In The D.C. Metro

Pamela Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative won a court battle, and now the posters are going up.

The ads are a response to a #MyJihad campaign launched by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in December/January in Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington. (see ads below).

The #MyJihad ads were a response to these 9/11 attack posters by Geller's Initiative seen in the New York City subway system last December. On the My Jihad website, CAIR says the campaign's purpose was "to share the proper meaning of Jihad as believed and practiced by the majority of Muslims."

Last month, Geller won a court battle with the D.C. Metro to erect her "My Jihad" parody ads. Now the ads are a reality.

See more of Geller's ads below the CAIR campaign.

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