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Bill Clinton Just Revealed His Favorite TV Commercial

It's not one of Barack Obama's campaign spots.

Posted on June 21, 2012, at 4:25 p.m. ET

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During his speech to the ad industry at Cannes this evening, Clinton said, according to Adweek:

"My favorite ads in the United States are those ads encouraging people to switch from cable to DirecTV. You have a problem. Something disastrous happens. You don't get along with your daughter. She winds up having an alternative lifestyle, marries a guy with too many tattoos. She ends up having a child who wears a dog collar. Now, you have a granddaughter with a dog collar. Switch to DirecTV. … They're the most hilarious ads I've ever seen."

It's a grandson, Bill. But still, pretty good recollection.

The gape-mouthed execs at DirecTV all just collectively sharted with glee.

Expect a Clinton-riffing DirecTV spot to be on air within a month.

Me, I'm not crazy about the campaign, but it is pretty entertaining.

DirecTV's ad agency is Grey New York.

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