EOS Lip Balm To Offer Compensation Over Rash And Blister Claims

Users of the popular lip balm alleged they suffered rashes and burns after using the product, which they argued was not properly packaged or labeled.

EOS lip balm will offer customers who complained of blisters and rashes around their mouths product compensation ranging from store credit to thousands of dollars under a preliminary agreement to settle 11 class action lawsuits.

The egg-shaped balm became a cult favorite among beauty bloggers and teens as EOS celebrity "brand ambassadors," such as Kim Kardashian West, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Hillary Duff, created a viral marketing frenzy.

But dozens customers filed claims against the company after alleging the products caused blisters and were not properly packaged or labeled.

Yessss @eos… Always saving my lips in the dry Vegas heat! #BritneyXeos

Rachael Cronin was part of the class of plaintiffs who sued EOS in California after she broke out in a rash after using the $2.99 lip balm. Cronin alleged that within hours of using the balm, her lips became "sandpaper" dry and she had to seek medical care the next day when her blistering and rashes became more severe.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement obtained by BuzzFeed News, affected consumers are eligible to receive either $75 for verified medical expenses, a $15 cash award, $20 worth of EOS products, or up to $4,000 depending on their injuries.

EOS issued a statement in response to the settlement:

“We are pleased with this amicable resolution of the lawsuits brought against eos earlier this year. Eos makes safe and effective products and this settlement confirms that."

A judge must still sign off on the agreement.

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