Denise Richards Claims Charlie Sheen Threatened To Kill Her And Their Children

Sheen's legal team says the latest court filing is just an attempt to get more money out of the former Two and a Half Men star.

Denise Richards claims ex-husband Charlie Sheen threatened to kill her and their children in new court filings released Friday.

Richards — who divorced Sheen in 2006 after four years of marriage — is also asking a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to order the Two and a Half Men star to repay her the costs of having to move to a new home after he "evicted" her. She is seeking $105,000 in home rental fees and another $279,000 to repay their children’s trust, according to court records.

Sheen’s attorney, Marty Singer, issued this statement to BuzzFeed News on Friday, calling it a desperate attempt to get more money:

It is disappointing that Denise Richards always tries to use the children to get more money for HERSELF. This has nothing to do with the extra gift that Charlie gave to his girls by establishing a trust.

Denise has a $7 million home that was paid for from the money Charlie gave her, yet she wants Charlie to pay another $35,000 per month for a second home and pay a down payment of $1.2 million.

Further, Denise was NOT evicted from the old house, as she now claims. Denise voluntarily moved to a home in Malibu, even though she owned another house not far away from Charlie’s.

This matter is simply money, money, money. Apparently, $55,000 per month tax free is not enough for her.

In her statement to the court, Richards said she only reluctantly agreed to move into a home Sheen purchased in 2014 so that their children — Sam, 11, and Lola, 10 — could be closer to their father as he battled HIV. But, she claims, the relationship soon soured and Sheen became “erratic and aggressive," making for unsafe living conditions. In the court filings, she claims the actor constantly threatened to evict and kill her and the children.

Richards included text messages from Sheen in the filing that he allegedly sent to Richards and his daughters. When the girls were unable to come to Sheen’s house to open their Christmas presents, Richards claims Sheen texted Sam:

I’m giving all your gifts including the air hockey table to the homeless
it just makes me sad. I give you guys a 55 thousand a month and 9 million dollar house and can’t EVEN GET A TEXT RETURNED
Yu r both REALLY FUCKING RUDE. Yure mom is a loser. In fact let’s see how well yu all do without all my $$$. Cu u all in the fucking gutter.

But a source close to Sheen told BuzzFeed News that Richards was using her daughter's phone at the time, so the texts were actually between her and Sheen.

When his daughters wrote him letters saying how his actions hurt their feelings, he allegedly responded with a vulgar rant and death threats, Richards told the court.

Richards claims Sheen also told her, "If you get between me and the kids, I am going to sever your head and mail it to your father."

Richards also blames the fact that her daughters were rejected from 13 out of 14 private schools on the fact that administrators were concerned about Sheen's behavior.

The next court date in the civil case is scheduled for Feb. 22.

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