The Special Counsel Talked With The Former Spokesperson For Trump's Legal Team

The two-hour meeting was reportedly expected to focus on the response last summer to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting news.

The former spokesperson for President Trump's legal team spoke with special counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday, his lawyer confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Mark Corallo served as the spokesperson for Trump's outside legal team for a short period this past summer but left in July. In January, the New York Times reported that Corallo was involved in senior-level discussions about how to respond to the news that Donald Trump Jr. had attended a meeting at Trump Tower during the campaign with a Russian lawyer who he had been told had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

The Times also reported that Mueller was looking to talk with Corallo and that he had agreed to do so. The Daily Beast first reported that the meeting happened Thursday.

"I'm not going to talk about the substance," Corallo's lawyer, Victoria Toensing, said, though she did confirm that he spoke with Mueller for two hours Thursday and that he is not expected to speak with the special counsel again.

Asked what that latter information means, Toensing said simply, "It means it's through," noting that any other insight on the special counsel office's plans would have to come from the special counsel's office.

According to the Times' report, Corallo planned to testify about a conference call that led him to have concerns that Trump's campaign staffer and current White House communications director Hope Hicks was allegedly "contemplating obstructing justice," according to sources who spoke with the Times — a claim that Hicks's lawyer said is "completely false."

Asked to comment on Corallo's interview with the special counsel, Hicks's lawyer, Robert Trout, said, "I have no comment beyond what I’ve already stated on the record, and that comment stands."

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