Yes, A Supreme Court Justice Discussed Kim Kardashian's Robbery In Court

Justice Stephen Breyer: "Even Kardashian's thief, if there is one..." ?

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court held its first day of arguments for the fall — a day for the justices to begin considering key issues important to the rule of law for the nation.

One of the cases that the eight justices heard on Tuesday was brought by Lawrence Eugene Shaw and deals with the meaning of the federal bank fraud statute.

The question in the case is whether, under the law, Shaw only had to deceive the bank in order to be able to be convicted under the law or whether he also had to actually cheat the bank out of money.

Then, minutes into the argument: PLOT TWIST! Justice Stephen Breyer asked about Kim Kardashian's robbery over the weekend — analogizing the bank-fraud case to Kardashian's jewelry theft.

NOTE: "Even Kardashian's thief, if there is one..." 👀

Really. Breyer kept going with the analogy — sounding like he was very skeptical of Shaw's argument that it's not "defrauding" a bank so long as the bank isn't actually losing money.

And showing that he...keeps up with the Kardashians. (Sorrynotsorry.)

Real talk, though: I cannot wait for Kanye to sample the audio* of "dear Miss Kardashian" in his next single.

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