Rep. Michele Bachmann Refuses To Include LGBT Families In Adoption Resolution

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney: "I reached out to Rep. Bachmann to ask her to add language supporting all adoptive families, including families with two dads or two moms. ... She refused." Update: "The focus of the resolution is on helping vulnerable children," Bachmann spokesman says.

WASHINGTON — New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney — the out gay father of three — said in an email to supporters Thursday that Rep. Michele Bachmann is "intentionally excluding families like [his]" from an adoption resolution she introduced.

In a message sent to supporters Thursday, Maloney says Bachman is excluding families with gay or lesbian parents by declining to include LGBT-inclusive language in the resolution.

When he found out that Bachmann and Rep. Karen Bass would be introducing a resolution for National Adoption Month and Day, he asked the pair to include language supportive of LGBT parenting in the resolution:

Bass, a Democrat from California, said she was receptive to the language. Writing of the children he is raising with his partner, Randy, Maloney sent a letter to Bachmann, asking her "to recognize the contributions of LGBT families with adoptive children" in the resolution by including the language. Bachmann's office said the congresswoman would not support the language's addition, according to Maloney's office.

Bachmann's office did not immediately respond to a question Thursday about her views on LGBT parenting or adoption, or about the resolution itself.

Update: Rep. Michele Bachmann spokesman Dan Kotman told BuzzFeed, "The resolution honoring National Adoption Month is a bipartisan effort sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans. The focus of the resolution is on helping vulnerable children, as has always been the case when we have introduced it in previous years."

The opening of Maloney's message to supporters:

Maloney's letter to Bachmann:

Bachmann's resolution:

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