Verizon Tech Support Prioritizes Help By Users' Social "Influencer" Level

A possible stray DM gives us a glimpse behind the curtain.

This afternoon, the Verizon Solutions Center Twitter account tweeted out something unusual:

The tweet appears to be a direct message, perhaps for another Verizon Support employee. Combing through the account, which provides light, individual tech support tweets, there were no noticeable instances of prioritizing help by "influencer" status.

@VerizonSupport has over 78,000 followers on Twitter, though few seemed to notice the tweet. Those that did offered up their own customer service advice:

.@VerizonSupport Good customer service is treating everyone like they have 1.13M followers…

When reached for comment, a Verizon spokesperson said they'd get back with more information. Moments later, the tweet was deleted. Verizon has yet to respond to further emails requesting comment.

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