Here Are The New Emojis Coming To Your iPhone

Introducing the much-needed Vomiting Face emoji!

Today is World Emoji Day — no, it's not a bank holiday, sorry — and Apple decided to commemorate the occasion by revealing the next batch of emojis that will be coming to your iPhone in the coming months.

The new class of emoji are determined each year by the Unicode Consortium, the technical organization that governs the evolution of emojis and handles new proposals. It's a long process — many of these current emoji were approved back in November. Anyone can submit proposals and a number of the new emojis came from proposals written by people like Rayouf Alhumedhi, a 15-year-old student in Berlin, Germany who came up with the headscarf emoji.

A hearty welcome to the Class of 2017, which includes:

Vomiting Face — truly an emoji for our times:

Exploding Head:



Meditation Dude:



Regal Zebra:

This guy:

Zany Face:

And, of course, Alhumedhi's Woman With Headscarf:

Not pictured (because they're deadbeats and didn't come to photo day): Sandwich, Genie, and Coconut.

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