Here Are 80 Deeply Personal Things That Facebook Knows About You Right Now

It's not a comprehensive list, but still...

Nobody knows how to get you to willingly share your personal information quite like Facebook, and in light of their revamped privacy policies, here's a by-no-means comprehensive list of what the biggest social network in the world knows about you (if you let it).

1. Your full name.

2. Your birthday.

3.Your religious views.

4. Your political views.

5. Languages you speak.

6. Your screen name (lol).

7. Your cell phone number.

8. Your favorite quotations.

9. Access to all the contacts inside your personal email account.

10. Your picture, personal photo albums.

11. Your high school.

12. What year you graduated high school.

13. If you didn't graduate high school.

14. Your hometown.

15. Your college.

16. What year you graduated college.

17. If you didn't graduate college.

18. Your employer.

19. Your past employers.

20. When you got engaged.

21. When you got married.

22. When you got divorced.

23. When you broke up.

24. When you were in an open relationship.

25. When it was "complicated."

26. Your current location.

27. Your exact residence/address.

28. Any personal website you've ever made.

29. Your past and present relationships.

30. Your family members.

31. Movies you've watched.

32. Movies you'd like to watch.

33. TV shows you've watched.

34. TV shows you'd like to watch.

35. Books you'd like to read.

36. Books you've read.

37. Places you've visited.

38. Your favorite public figures.

39. Your favorite actors/directors.

40. Your favorite bands/musicians.

41. Your favorite TV shows.

42. Your favorite books.

43. Your favorite movies.

44. Your favorite news sources.

45. Your favorite "inspirational people."

46. Your favorite restaurants.

47. Your favorite foods.

48. Your favorite websites.

49. Your favorite athletes.

50 .Your favorite sports teams.

51. Your favorite clothing.

52. Your favorite "interests and activities."

53. How many steps you've taken that day (via Moves).

54. Number of calories you've burned.

55. If you ran and how far/how long (via Moves).

56. If you biked and how far/how long (via Moves).

57. If you've been training at the gym "and over 60 other activities by duration" (via Moves).

58. The real-time location of you and your friends that have opted-into "Nearby Friends" (via nearby friends).

59. What TV show you're currently listening to while typing out a status update on Facebook's mobile app if you've opted-in to Facebook's new status update listening tool.

60. What song you're currently listening to while typing out a status update on Facebook's mobile app if you've opted-in to Facebook's new status update listening tool.

61. Anything your phone records within 15 seconds of you typing out a status update.

62. What you're doing inside the apps you authenticate using Facebook Connect.

63. What your face looks like, now and forever.

64. Who and what you've texted (via WhatsApp/Messenger).

65. The people you search for.

66. The places you search for.

67. The friends you search for most.

68. The people you're most likely to be in a picture with.

69. Who your best friend most likely is based on how many photos you appear in together

70. What parties you attended.

72. What events you attended.

73. What pages you like.

74. What pages you created.

75. What groups you're in.

76. What groups you created.

77. What ads you click on.

78. What other sites you're on.

79. What "People You May Like."

80. And our personal favorite: "Write About Yourself."

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