Ambulance Chasing Comes To Twitter

A law firm trawls Twitter for potential clients. Update: the firm has issued an apology.

Ambulance chasing, a longtime tactic in the legal profession, seems to have found its way to Twitter. One Los Angeles law firm, Ellis Injury Law appears to be scanning Twitter for terms like "car accident" in order to solicit business.

It's as strange as it sounds:

Here's an unsolicited reply for an injury that occured "at work"

The account is calling this engagement/solicitation tactic "free counsel"

The account has received some backlash for the tweets from other users, and appears to have deleted at least one of the soliciting tweets.

The firm also has a Facebook page adorned with various memes, many of its own creation.

Update: The firm emailed a statement to BuzzFeed Friday afternoon apologizing for a new employee who "went rogue" with the Twitter account:

H/T to Nick Divers.

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