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February 2019: Let's Be Kind To Each Other

January 2019: 66 Books To Take Your Mind Off Your Debt And Millennial Burnout

December 2018: Free Yourself From Perfectionism

November 2018: Thank God The Midterms Are Over

October 2018: It's A Scary Time

September 2018: Why Fall Is The Best Season

August 2018: Too Hot To Bone

July 2018: Get All the Ultra-Specific Book Recommendations Your Heart Desires

June 2018: Sooo many good books to read

May 2018: Yes, You Can Be A Mom And Have A Fulfilling Career

April 2018: Are You There, Spring?

March 2018: What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You?

February 2018: Let's Just Watch The Olympics On Mute

January 2018: Don't Sweat Over Your New Year's Resolutions

December 2017: Here Are The Best Books To Give Your Faves

November 2017: Very Few Good Men

October 2017: Well, this week has been stressful

September 2017: All The Fall Must-Reads In One Place!

August 2017: Don't Call The New Yorker To Talk Shit About Your Coworkers

July 2017: Happy Birthday to Us!

June 2017: Social Media — It's A Trap

May 2017: Don't Forget To Call Your Mom

April 2017: Have you considered therapy?

March 2017: They say it's spring?

February 2017: Steve Bannon Is A Sagittarius

January 2017: Failing Piles Of Garbage*

December 2016: See You Never, 2016

November 2016: It's Okay To Be Angry For A Bit

October 2016: BuzzFeed Reader is FALLING For You!

September 2016: What's Cooking, Colson Whitehead?

August 2016: How To Take Care of Yourself When The World Is Ending

July 2016: Welcome to READER, BuzzFeed's New Literary Magazine

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