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Even Palin's Ghostwriter Questions Palin Pick

"Really not the best plan," Lynn Vincent tells The New Yorker.

Posted on October 13, 2012, at 11:42 p.m. ET

Palin ghostwriter Lynn Vincent.

Palin ghostwriter Lynn Vincent.

Add the ghostwriter of Sarah Palin's 2009 memoir, "Going Rogue" to the already swollen ranks of conservatives still shaking their heads over Palin's vice presidential nomination.

"Whatever anyone's opinion of her faults and failings, to tap someone to be a Veep candidate a few days before the Convention was really not the best plan," Lynn Vincent, a veteran ghostwriter of Christian memoirs who is credited as a collaborator on Palin's book, told The New Yorker in this week's issue.

Vincent's comment came in the course of a profile of the ghostwriter, a wildly successful author who is almost unknown in literary circles, but who is the master of the genre of inspirational narrative.

Vincent has been credited as co-author on several bestselling memoirs, but has no formal role in Palin's book, and sources told the magazine's Ariel Levy that Palin and her team had "reworked" Vincent's draft because Palin felt it was "too down-homey."

Vincent, who is prevented by a non-disclosure agreement from discussing her collaboration with the former Alaska governor, is thanked on the second page of the book's acknowledgements for "her indispensible help in getting words on paper."

This appears not to have gone down well with Vincent.

"With Sarah Palin, it was, like, 'Thanks, Lynn Vincent, for taking out the trash,'" she said.