Democrats Won't Let Up On Romney's Dog "Abuse"

Unchastened by gleeful conservative pushback that Obama, as a child, ate dogmeat, the Democratic group Dogs Against Romney is mounting a new campaign. The theme this time: That Romney's admission that he strapped a dog to his roof landed him on two animal abuse registries in 2007. Ann Romney said recently that the dig, Seamus, "loved it" atop the car.

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BuzzFeed asked Dogs Against Romney founder Scott Crider what he made of the furious conservative campaign last week to answer his charges against Romney with what many see as an equally absurd attack: That Obama ate dog as a boy in Indonesia.

His response:

I viewed the push-back as a desperate move to try to blunt the impact the dog-on-roof story is having on Romney. No one holds Obama accountable for what was fed to him by his parents as a 6-year-old in Indonesia. If Obama had chosen to eat dog as an adult, in America, and told everyone the dog enjoyed being eaten, Romney would have an argument.

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