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Russia is testing the limits of what other countries will tolerate as acts of war with its aggressive hacking. Internet trolls are using Facebook to target Myanmar’s Muslims. And Uber president Jeff Jones is leaving the ride-hailing company as it continues to face issues of sexism and leadership.


The new handbook on cyberwar is being written by Russia.

If the world is currently entering a new era of cyberwarfare, Russian hackers are the pirates of those yet-uncharted seas. Nearly every week brings a new cyberattack, as Russia tests the vulnerabilities of countries around the world. The country is also setting an example as to what can be accomplished with a military budget roughly one-tenth that of the US.

A little extra.

Ukraine believes Russia was behind an attack on its power grid three months ago — which would mark the second time in a year that Russia has tested its ability to attack a country's critical infrastructure. "A foreign state being able to take down your power grid — even for 10 minutes — that’s a game-changer," one US intelligence officer said.


The Trump administration


Uber’s president has quit as the company deals with sexism and management issues.

Jeff Jones joined the ride-hailing company six months ago. “The beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber, and I can no longer continue as president of the ride-sharing business,” Jones said in a statement to Recode.

The company recently made headlines after former engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti wrote about rampant sexual harassment and inequality. More than 100 other women engineers at the company agreed there was a systemic problem.


  • All eyes are on the Balkans as the world retreats — the restive region is struggling with a fading European Union, the arrival of the Trump administration, and the rise of Russia.

  • Internet trolls are using Facebook to target Myanmar’s Muslims. Some Burmese government officials and extremist groups are using fabricated news to advance their political goals and downplay harassment of Muslims.

  • On strike: Almost 350,000 service workers in the US plan to strike on May 1 — a traditional day for labor activism across the world — in the most direct attempt yet by organized labor to capture the energy from a resurgent wave of activism across the country since the election of Trump.

  • LGBT stars on YouTube are saying their videos are being unfairly blocked by the platform’s “restricted mode.”

  • KUWTK: Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians showed how the family dealt with Kim’s Paris robbery.

  • RIP: Chuck Berry, a legendary pioneer in the world of rock, died Saturday afternoon in Missouri, police said. He was 90.

  • Oh, the internet. People on the internet found a new meme: Meryl Streep singing along to all your favorite songs.

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