Things We Tried And Loved In 2021

From linen sheets to piglets, here’s what made our lives better in 2021.

Every year, BuzzFeed News rounds up the different things we tried — actually tried ourselves, with our own money, on our own time, tested on our own faces, hair, pets, children, and muscles and love enough to recommend to someone else. From fancy jams to cheap used furniture auction sites to a giant beanbag chair to a Substack newsletter about salad to a dry cleaner on TikTok, we tried them and we loved them all.

Things For Our Homes We Tried And Loved In 2021 Hummingbird feeders, travel alarm clocks, and a cheap standing desk alternative.
Life Hacks We Tried And Loved In 2021 Things that save you money, make you smile or look good, or just are fun? That's a life hack, baby.
Gadgets We Tried And Loved in 2021 Headphones, routers, projectors, and more weird stuff we actually recommend at every price point.
Apps And Stuff We Tried And Loved In 2021 Our favorite podcasts, newsletters, workout apps, and more.
Self-Care Things That We Tried And Loved In 2021 A theragun, sunscreen, and the Revlon One-Step made life a little nicer.

Illustrations by Raymond Biesinger

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