Several Arrested During Second Night Of Protests After Eric Garner Decision

After thousands of protesters took to the streets and brought New York to a standstill overnight Wednesday, more crowds amassed for a second night.

What We Know So Far

  • Hundreds of protesters amassed in Manhattan, jamming sidewalks in Times Square and marching across the city and Brooklyn Bridge.
  • At least 16 people were arrested Thursday night during the demonstrations.
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced plans to retrain roughly 22,000 officers on the foundations of policing and better techniques.
  • The protests were sparked after a grand jury in Staten Island decided not to indict a police officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold, contributing to his death.
  • More than 80 protesters were arrested overnight Wednesday during the first night of demonstrations.


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The NYPD told BuzzFeed News officers made 16 arrests at the Manhattan Bridge Thursday night.

NYPD just told me they made 16 arrests at the Manhattan Bridge tonight -- all in this bus #EricGarner

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Protesters were placed on a bus after being arrested in Chinatown.

Michael Rusch, BuzzFeed News
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At least 20 protesters were arrested during a sit-in in NYC's Chinatown, CNN reported.

The group of roughly 20 protesters sat down with their coffins after traversing the Manhattan Bridge back into the city and refused to get up when police asked. Then one by one, they arrested the protesters as they continued to sing, according to CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin.

And several others were arrested in Times Square:

Dozens of people in handcuffs are being booked at NYPD booth in Times Square. #ericgarner

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More NYPD police arrests at 8th Avenue and W. 14th Street

Michael Rusch / BuzzFeed News
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Thursday night in New York City multiple arrests were reported, including several in Times Square:

Arrests happening near Broadway and Barclay right now. #EricGarner

More police arriving. One arrest so far. Chants of “let them go” from the crowd. Two more arrests. 3 total. #EricGarner

NYPD has now made 3 arrests here at 8th Ave and W. 14th Street -- Won't let me any closer to take photos #EricGarner

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Protesters are seen beneath One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan on Thursday night as thousands of demonstrators march on the streets in New York City demanding justice for the death of Eric Garner:

A protester yells at police along the West Side Highway in Manhattan:

Protesters are detained by New York City Police on the West Side Highway:

Demonstrators march across the Brooklyn Bridge:

Protesters gather in Foley Square:

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Hundreds of protesters marched down Manhattan's West Side Highway.

Michael Rusch, BuzzFeed News
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Protesters chanting "Whose streets? Our streets!" marched against traffic on Broadway near the World Trade Center.

Michael Rusch, BuzzFeed News
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Thousands of protesters brought another night of traffic shutdowns on major arteries in New York, bringing parts of the city to a standstill yet again.

Anticipating that protesters would target the Brooklyn Bridge, as they did overnight Wednesday, New York police partially closed the span to traffic and essentially followed along as thousands marched.

#EricGarner protesters are marching over Brooklyn Bridge with families whose children were killed by #NYPD

#Protest activity: Expect extensive traffic delays on the Brooklyn Bridge in both directions. Consider alternate routes.

Other major thoroughfares were also being impacted.

Please be advised of extensive #traffic delays approaching the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan. Consider alternate routes.

500+ marching west on Houston w/ a lot of police in tow

West Side Highway again. No #NYPD resistance yet. #EricGarner

Canal @ bway right now. March turning west on Canal. Circulation totally blocked. #EricGarner

Angry drivers honking seems to reinvigorate tired marchers, who start screaming, "if we don't get no justice, then you don't get no peace"

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Protesters in New York brought out black coffins to illustrate lives lost to police violence.

Coffins mark the bodies of lives lost to the police's violence. #ICantBreathe #ThisStopsToday

Black coffins being carried for black lives lost. #BlackLivesMatter #ThisStopsToday #JusticeForEricGarner #EricGarner

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Anger over lack of indictment for police officer continues.

Protesters amassed in New York City and other cities as night fell Thursday, two days after a grand jury in Staten Island decided against indicting a white police officer in the chokehold-related death of Eric Garner, who was black and unarmed.

The decision on Wednesday set off massive protest marches that effectively brought parts of New York to a standstill. More than 80 protesters were arrested in what was an otherwise nonviolent demonstration of frustration, anger, and disbelief at yet another high profile decision by a grand jury to not indict a white officer in the death of an unarmed black man.

Earlier on Thursday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced plans to retrain roughly 22,000 officers by June. The three-day program would include training on the foundations of policing, paying attention to health and well-being, and smarter ways of communicating and engaging with the public more effectively.

Also on Thursday, a judge ordered the release of a limited amount of information regarding the grand jury proceedings, revealing that they heard from 50 witnesses, 22 of whom were civilians. Jurors also saw four videos and other evidence.

Thousands of protesters packed Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.

Crowd is growing quickly. Maybe 1000 people now. Organizers trying to teach people how to use the mic check. #ericgarner

What started out as a rally eventually turned into a march as the crowd grew into the thousands.

March heads to 1PP, blocking Centre St. #EricGarner

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Reporting by Nicolás Medina Mora, Michael Rusch, Jason Wells, Jim Dalrymple II, Jon Passantino, and Michelle Broder Van Dyke.

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