18 Little Women Told Us Why They Marched On Saturday

"We’re sick of being seen as princesses."

Thousands of people took to the streets Saturday for the second annual Women's March, marking the anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration and the historic mobilization for women's rights that took place on the same day.

Women of all ages turned out for the demonstrations, which took place in cities across the United States. BuzzFeed News spoke to some of the youngest marchers about what inspired them to get out and march.

"This movement needs all colors," Sylvie, 6 1/2, told BuzzFeed News while marching with her mother in San Francisco.

Sylvie, age six-and-a-half, and her mom, Melissa, marching in Oakland with signs that say “Black Lives Matter” and… https://t.co/2R9C6L8Ndn

A trio of young ladies in Los Angeles said they marched because "we can do amazing things."

Meet Rylee, Cienna, and Maddie Favorite thing about being a girl: “We can do amazing things” ❤️✨🤘🏻

Esther, Sema, and Ruth — three 11-year-old skateboarders from New York — are determined to "shred the patriarchy."

Esther Forte, 11, Sema Tasalan 11, and Ruth Weinmann, 11, are marching “to shred the patriarchy.” They’re also skat… https://t.co/QLdT4coPCI

“We’re sick of being seen as princesses so we made our own take on it," said Ava, 13, who marched in Los Angeles.

Ok I lied this is the best. These 13-year-olds “took damsels in distress and turned it around.” “We’re sick of be… https://t.co/bOI5nCMX5Q

In Washington, DC, 10-year-old Ida said she skipped a Girl Scouts event to march because "it's more important to me."

Ida, 10, was supposed to be at a Girls Scouts event but she chose to be at the #womensmarch instead. She’s been to… https://t.co/jYeXwg2cHk

“We’re here to support the equality of all women and people of color of all genders and sexualities,” said Phoebe, 14, who marched with three other young women in New York Saturday.

Phoebe Hill, 14, Josie Lally, 13, Rebecca Lally, 11, & Gwyneth Geoghan, 10, also marched one year ago today. Phoebe… https://t.co/ZPnLZ1G0NV

This 2-year-old Rosie the Riveter from San Francisco (her actual name is Margot) is getting an early start on the fight for equal pay.

Margot, age two-and-a-half, in Oakland. Someone just asked if Margot gets union wages.

These four young New Yorkers said they marched because Trump is “sending people out of the country" and leaving “kids without their parents and parents without their kids." And because "he treats women like baby dolls.”

Danielle, 9, Allie, 11, Sophia, 10, and Sophia, 12, are here with their parents because the president keeps “sendin… https://t.co/g5v4YBNtXi

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