Live Updates: The Congressman Shot At Baseball Practice Is Out Of The Intensive Care Unit

A gunman opened fire as members of Congress were practicing baseball in Alexandria, Virginia, on June 14. Six people were injured and the gunman was killed.

What We Know So Far:


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Scalise has been taken out of the intensive care unit

Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise is no longer in the Intensive Care Unit, "but his condition remains unchanged from serious," a source close to the Republican congressman confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Scalise underwent surgery last week to treat an infection, a result of the injuries he received during a GOP-baseball practice where a gunman opened fire on the members of congress.

The congressman was shot in the hip, and at a press conference days after the shooting, doctors said infection posed a "significant risk."

—Lissandra Villa

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Scalise remains in serious condition after undergoing surgery for an infection

Republican congressman Steve Scalise underwent surgery Thursday for an infection and remains in serious condition, hospital officials said.

Scalise was critically injured last month during a congressional baseball practice session with fellow Republicans when a gunman opened fire on the legislators.

His condition had been improving, doctors said, but Scalise was returned to the intensive care unit Wednesday because of an infection.

The legislator and majority whip in the House, is expected to undergo multiple surgeries for his wounds, raising the risk of infection.

On Thursday, MedStar Washington Hospital Center officials said Scalise had "tolerated the procedure well."

However, he remains in serious condition.

Salvador Hernandez

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Rep. Steve Scalise readmitted to intensive care unit over concerns of an infection

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise was readmitted to an intensive care unit in serious condition Wednesday after doctors became concerned of a possible infection, hospital officials said.

Scalise's condition appeared to have improved nearly two weeks ago when MedStar Washington Hospital Center said on June 23 he had left the ICU and was in fair condition. The legislator, hospital officials said in a statement, had "continued good progress."

Update from @MedStarWHC on the condition of Majority Whip Steve Scalise:

Hospital officials said they would release more details about his condition Thursday, but said Scalise's return to the ICU was due to worries about an infection.

Doctors have said Scalise will likely be undergoing several surgeries before he can make a full recovery.

Salvador Hernandez

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Congressman Scalise shows improvement after undergoing surgery Saturday

Update on the condition of Majority Whip Steve Scalise, courtesy of MedStar Washington Hospital Center:

Congressman Steve Scalise underwent surgery and is continuing to show signs of improvement, his office said in a statement.

"He is more responsive, and is speaking with his loved ones," the statement read.

Scalise is expected to face several surgeries before making a full recovery, and doctors on Friday said his length of hospitalization is yet undetermined.

On Saturday, his office released a statement on Twitter stating the Louisiana congressman is still in serious condition, but responsive.

"The Scalise family greatly appreciates the outpouring of thoughts and prayers," it read.

Salvador Hernandez

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Shooter was reportedly carrying a handwritten list with names of GOP congressmen

James Hodgkinson, the gunman who opened fire during a congressional baseball practice was reportedly carrying a list with names at the time of the attack, according to multiple news reports.

The handwritten list included the names of fewer than half a dozen members of Congress, NBC News' Pete Williams reported Friday.

The existence of the list was first reported by The Daily Caller. Both The Daily Caller and NBC News reported Reps. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Trent Franks of Arizona, and Jeff Duncan of South Carolina were included in the list.

CBS News also confirmed the existence of the list.

The FBI's Washington, DC, field office told BuzzFeed News it would not comment on the investigation. Staff members for Reps. Duncan, Brooks and Franks directed all inquiries to Capitol Police.

According to NBC News, investigators are not sure what the list was for, if the names were targets or included for another reason.

Brooks, Franks, and Duncan are all members of the conservative Freedom Caucus. Hodgkinson was known to have volunteered for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign and had railed against conservatives on social media.

Duncan, who was reportedly on the list, told reporters he was approached by Hodgkinson just before the shooting and asked if the congressmen on the field were Republicans or Democrats.

Franks was not a member of the baseball team and was not on the field.

—Salvador Hernandez

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Scalise remains critical but condition may improve

Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in "critical" condition following the Alexandria shooting, but doctors said Friday that "an excellent recovery is a good possibility."

"I would say that when he arrived he was in critical condition with an imminent risk of death," said Jack Sava, director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, at a press conference. He later said there is a "good possibility" Scalise will return to work at full capacity.

"His risk of death right now is substantially lower than when he came in," Sava said.

Scalise was injured by a single wound from a rifle bullet that entered on his left hip and traveled straight across to his other hip, Sava sad. The bullet fragmented causing "significant damage" to bones, internal organs, and blood vessels.

Moving forward, Sava said infection for Scalise is a "significant risk." The doctor said he "would guess that there are hundreds of fragments" of bullet still in Scalise and there is no intention to remove them all at this point. Doctors have been "encouraged" in by the improvement in Scalise's condition over the last 36 hours, he added.

He is expected to undergo further surgeries for abdominal injuries and broken bones.

"He will be in hospital for some time," the doctor said.

Special Agent Crystal Griner, who was also shot in the ankle, is still hospitalized but is in "good condition," Sava said.

Scalise's chief of staff also gave a statement on behalf of the congressman's family, thanking everyone who has shown support for him since.

—Lissandra Villa

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Wife of Steve Scalise releases statement: "Our family asks that you continue to pray"

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Democrats And Republicans display rare unity at congressional ballgame after shooting

Democrats and Republicans faced off at the annual Congressional Baseball Game Thursday night, with the two parties on the field displaying a rare glimpse of unity that's recently been absent on the Hill.

The game went on just one day after a gunman opened fire at a practice for the GOP team, leaving several people injured, including Rep. Steve Scalise, who remained hospitalized Thursday night in critical condition.

The game drew a record attendance of 24,959 attendees, with proceeds from the tickets benefitting the US Capitol Police Memorial Fund after two of its officers were injured while protecting members of Congress during the shooting. In addition to other charities, organizers said Thursday they had raised more than $1 million.

Organizers decided to go on with the game Wednesday, hours after the shooting. Lawmakers, including many of those who were at the practice, praised the decision.

Read more here.

— Lissandra Villa and Sal Hernandez

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Condition of Rep. Scalise improves after second surgery, hospital says

Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot during the baseball practice ambush, remained in critical condition Thursday, although he had improved after undergoing a second surgery, the hospital announced.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center released the following statement:

Earlier today, Congressman Steve Scalise underwent a second surgery related to his internal injuries and a broken bone in his leg. He remains in critical condition, but has improved in the last 24 hours. The Congressman will require additional operations, and will be in the hospital for some time. At the request of the family, we will continue to provide periodic updates.

—Jason Wells

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Ticket sales for congressional baseball game soar to more than $1 million for charity

Ticket sales for the congressional baseball game between Democrats and Republicans have skyrocketed in the wake of a shooting that left two people in critical condition and several others injured.

The organizers of the charity event announced Thursday afternoon on their Facebook page that they had sold more than 20,000 tickets to the game, raising more than $1 million. The game is scheduled to take place Thursday night in Washington, DC, and proceeds go to a number of organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club and the Washington Literacy Center.

The game will take place one day after James T. Hodgkinson opened fire at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Four people, including Rep. Steve Scalise, were shot in the incident. Scalise and lobbyist Matt Mika were listed as in critical condition during their initial treatment.

In the wake of the shooting, organizers announced that the game would continue as planned — a decision praised by members of Congress.

"We need to play. This is a game that's been going on for over a hundred years. It goes to charity, and we need to play this baseball game. And so I'm excited that we decided to do that," Texas Rep. Roger Williams, who sustained what he described as "an ankle/leg injury" while diving for cover during the shooting.

In addition to the usual charities, the game also will now benefit the Capitol Police Memorial Fund.

Roll Call reported that last year's congressional baseball game raised $500,000 for charity. This year's game was on track to raise $650,000 before the shooting.

— Jim Dalrymple II

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Prosecutors say man arrested with guns at Trump Hotel posted online about GOP baseball shooting

The Pennsylvania man arrested in May on firearms charges at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, came back to Washington on Thursday — a violation of his release order — and posted photos on Facebook of newspaper headlines about Wednesday's shooting at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., next to a black bag with unknown contents, according to a prosecutor in the case.

The prosecutor also said that the defendant, Bryan Moles, left a "menacing" voicemail for a female witness after he was released from jail.

A judge on June 2 had agreed to release Moles until his next court appearance, subject to monitoring and treatment conditions. Assistant US Attorney Michael Friedman filed papers this week asking the judge to withdraw that order and order Moles back into custody, citing the threatening voicemail and the Facebook posts, as well as the fact that he was recently charged with destroying property at a Veterans Affairs facility in Georgia.

Read more here.

—Zoe Tillman

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Media also needs self-reflection after shooting, says Jane Sanders

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FBI says the gunman purchased his weapons lawfully

UPDATE on #Alexandria shooting: FBI says they have no evidence to suggest that the shooter bought his guns unlawful…

The FBI said Thursday that the Alexandria shooter bought his guns legally.

James Hodgkinson's weapons, including a 9mm handgun and 7.62 caliber rifle, were recovered at the scene of the shooting. Both were purchased from federally licensed sellers, the FBI said.

"We currently have no evidence to suggest that the purchases were not lawful," the agency said in a statement.

The FBI also recovered a cell phone, computer, and a camera from Hodgkinson's white conversion van, which was in the YMCA parking lot, adjacent to the park where the shooting took place.

— Tasneem Nashrulla

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Scalise "in some trouble" after shooting, Trump says

Trump says Scalise "is in some trouble" after being shot yesterday. "It's been much more difficult than people even…

Rep. Steve Scalise's health battle has proved more difficult than previously thought, President Trump said Thursday, after the Republican majority whip was shot on Wednesday.

"It's been much more difficult than people even thought at the time," Trump said at a White House apprenticeship event. "He's in some trouble, but he is a great fighter and he is going to be okay, we hope."

The president and first lady visited Scalise's hospital bedside last night to meet with the lawmaker's family.

"I reassured them that the entire country is pulling for them, praying for them, and that we are here for them every single step of the way," Trump said.

After the shooting, the president had tweeted that Scalise was would "fully recover."

Trump said that during his hospital visit he also met with Crystal Griner, one of two Capitol police officers injured in the shootout.

He also offered prayers to Matt Mika, the lobbyist who was badly wounded in the assault.

Trump said he hoped the incident would unite Americans after what he said had been years of division.

"We've had a very, very divided country for many years. I have a feeling that Steve has made a great sacrifice, but there could be some unity being brought to our country," he said.

—David Mack

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Gabby Giffords: US needs courage to tackle gun violence

Gabby Giffords, the last sitting member of congress to be shot before Steve Scalise was struck on Wednesday, says the US needs courage to tackle the problem of gun violence.

In a piece for the Washington Post, Giffords recounted waking up on Wednesday to "images I have prayed I would never see again."

"As my fellow lawmakers had been when I was shot outside a supermarket in Tucson six years ago, I was glued to the television, texting former colleagues and dear friends anxiously and offering my prayers as I awaited news," she wrote.

Giffords wrote that in the coming weeks the US is bound to debate gun control once more.

"We must acknowledge that a deadly problem like this brings a responsibility to find solutions. And that's where we, as a nation, will need courage in abundance, as my former colleagues find the strength to recover from their wounds — and the bravery to try to make shootings like this one less likely in the future," she wrote.

Read her piece here. —David Mack

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Congressman recounts "strange encounter" with gunman prior to shooting

.@RepDeSantis says he had a strange encounter withe the shooter just minutes before the baseball field attack began

Rep. Ron DeSantis had a "strange encounter" with the Alexandria shooter just minutes before he opened fire, the Florida Republican told CNN on Thursday.

DeSantis and his colleague Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina were among those at the baseball practice early Wednesday morning, but decided to leave early to beat traffic back into DC.

"So we went to the car and this gentleman approached us. He asked whether it was Republicans or Democrats," DeSantis recounted.

"It was a little bit of a strange encounter just because we're out there in the morning. There aren't lot of people that really care what's going on out there. It is something I thought about for half a second," he said.

Once they got word of the shooting, they decided to report their encounter with the man. Then, when images began circulating of James Hodgkinson, the lawmakers immediately realized they had indeed spoken with the gunman.

"We all agreed that's the guy who came up to our car," he said.

DeSantis said he wasn't sure whether Hodgkinson was armed when he spoke with them, as he only saw him from the waist up.

"It is strange because had we stayed on the field, obviously we would be in the line of fire. That is a close call," he said.

DeSantis said many questions remain about Hodgkinson's motivation and planning.

"How did he find out about the baseball field? He clearly knew they were congressmen by his question to us. Where did he get the information? Who else was he in contact with? I think there are a lot of questions about the individual specifically that a lot of us would like answers to," DeSantis said.

The Republican said he believes the incident will force lawmakers to amp up security.

"I had someone call my office that was glad this happened and wanted the president to be next. In the past, I would say that's a kook. Don't even worry about it, but now..."

—David Mack

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Congressional aide Zachary Barth, who was shot in the leg at the Congressional baseball practice, says he's doing "OK"

Congressional aide Zack Barth "blessed to be alive" day after getting shot in the leg at Congressional baseball pra…

Barth, who works as an aide to Rep. Roger Williams, said Thursday that he was "blessed to be alive" and thanked agents Bailey and Griner for taking down the shooter.

"Without them, there would have been tremendous loss of life and I probably wouldn't be talking to y'all," he said in an interview with the Today Show.

He said how after shots rang out and he realized he'd been hit, he made a run for it.

"I was running for my life," he said.

Barth managed to get himself into the dugout where he practically jumped into Williams' arms. It was then that Rep. Mo Brooks took off his belt and passed it to Sen. Jeff Flake who fashioned a tourniquet on Barth's badly bleeding leg.

The aide was treated for his injury and released from the hospital Wednesday night.

–Jessica Simeone

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Trump makes surprise visit to critically injured congressman in hospital

President Trump visited Rep. Steve Scalise Wednesday night at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, where the GOP whip remained in critical condition.

Trump arrived with the first lady and brought flowers. They remained inside the hospital about 30 minutes.

Members of the Trump family had gathered earlier in the evening at the White House to celebrate the president's birthday.

Hospital officials said Wednesday night that Scalise's condition remained critical. A single rifle shot had traveled from his left hip across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring organs, and causing bleeding, the hospital said.

He underwent surgery immediately upon arriving at the hospital, then later an additional procedure to stop bleeding, the hospital said.

In spite of the procedures, Scalise will require additional operations, the hospital said.

Trump later tweeted that Scalise is in "tough shape" and asked his followers to pray for the representative.

Just left hospital. Rep. Steve Scalise, one of the truly great people, is in very tough shape - but he is a real fighter. Pray for Steve!

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that while at the hospital, the Trumps had spoken with Scalise's doctors as well as his family. The president sat at Scalise's bedside, Spicer said.

The president and first lady then met with Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner, who had been shot in the ankle, and her wife. They also spoke with other Capitol police at the hospital.

Accompanying the Trumps was the president's personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson.

— Claudia Koerner

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FBI seeks information on suspect's movements, motive before shooting

SAC Tim Slater urges public to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or visit with info on #Alexandria shoote…

Law enforcement officials asked for the public's help on Wednesday afternoon, as they work to determine suspect James Hodgkinson's motive and reconstruct his movements before the shooting.

Hodgkinson left his home in Belleville, Illinois, earlier this year and had been living out of his cargo van in the Alexandria area since March, FBI Special Agent in Charge Timothy Slater said.

Information about how he'd been spending his time — and what prompted his actions on Wednesday — was not immediately available. Law enforcement officials said they're investigating Hodgkinson's movements and the rifle and handgun in his possession, as well as searching his former home in Belleville and speaking to his family.

Alexandria Police Chief Mike Brown said his officers were on the scene within three minutes of the shooting to assist Capitol Police. He said he was proud of the officers for standing their ground and doing their job.

"It was not only chaotic, it was a combat situation," Brown said. "And that's something law enforcement is trained to do."

The DC medical examiner determined Hodgkinson died from multiple gunshot wounds to his torso, Slater said. The number of shots fired by officers and the gunman remains under investigation.

—Claudia Koerner

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Trump somber, measured after shooting — but some allies blame the left

A somber President Trump on Wednesday lauded his friend House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot in the hip, along with other Republican congressmen who appeared to be targeted at a baseball field in Virginia.

Trump sounded a note of unity, reminding Americans that members of Congress and their staffers are patriotic.

"Everyone on that field is a public servant. Our courageous police, our congressional aides, who work so tirelessly behind the scenes with enormous devotion, and our dedicated members of Congress who represent our people," Trump said. "We may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because, above all, they love our country."

But while the president and vice president canceled events and Ivanka Trump echoed her father's words, others in Trump's orbit were quicker to assign blame to Democrats, the media, and an anti-Trump environment they feel contributed to the shooting.

Trump's son Donald Jr. tweeted "this" along with a retweet of a media commentator's condemnation of recent controversies, including Kathy Griffin posing with a fake decapitated Trump head, and a Julius Caesar play that has a Trump-like Caesar in the lead role.

Trump supporter Newt Gingrich, who has advised him in the past, described the shooting in starkly partisan terms as part of a pattern of "increasing intensity of hostility on the left."

Read more here. —Adrian Carrasquillo

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Aide released from hospital, congressman says

Texas Rep. Roger Williams told reporters his aide, Zack Barth, who was shot on Wednesday morning, had been released from the hospital and was on the "road to recovery."

The congressman said Barth was shot in the leg, and that Barth had spoken with Vice President Mike Pence.

Williams showed up on crutches himself, due to an "ankle/leg injury" he said he sustained when he dived into the dugout to take cover from the bullets. He said he was treated at a hospital in Alexandria.

"I was on the third-base side hitting ground balls ... Little did I know the perpetrator was probably 20 yards from me," Williams said.

Williams said Barth had been in the outfield retrieving balls, and arrived at the dugout almost when Williams did. "We landed in each other's arms. He held me, I held him."

That's when Sen. Jeff Flake made a tourniquet with a belt to stop Barth bleeding, Williams said.

"I give him credit … All the time he was bleeding and we were under fire he was texting [for help]," Williams said of Barth. "So he's doing great."

"There was a lot of heroes today among my friends," Williams said. "It seemed like it went forever."

—Lissandra Villa

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Baseball game will continue on Thursday, lawmakers vow

WASHINGTON — Thursday night's Congressional Baseball Game will go on as scheduled tomorrow, Rep. Joe Barton, the manager of the Republican team, and Rep. Mike Doyle, manager of the Democratic team, confirmed at a joint press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

They have added a new charity to the recipients of money raised by the game: the Fallen Officers Fund.

The two lawmakers said they felt this was an important moment to try to improve relationships between members of Congress.

"It shouldn't take an incident like this to bring us together," said Doyle, adding that the Democratic team had invited the Republican team for dinner this evening.

Both longtime members of Congress said the atmosphere was noticeably harsher now than it had been many years ago, when they both arrived.

"I think the internet and Twitter and all the instant anonymity of the news cycle has made it more impersonal," said Barton. He also noted that, with members flying back home immediately after the last vote of the week, there was little time to foster camaraderie.

"People don't look at each other eye to eye. They use the two thumbs and assault one another," said Doyle.

Barton also pointed to the hyper-partisan political climate right now. "I think some of the TV attack ads make it easier for the general population to want to resort to personal attacks," he said.

Looking forward, both said they might reconsider security precautions for when large groups of legislators come together in public spaces.

"I bet you most members of Congress would tell you they don't want any personal detail. I sure don't," Doyle said. But for large groups of members, "perhaps we should rethink that at a certain point."

"I feel safe, but I'm an adult and I made a conscious decision to run to Congress," said Barton, whose two sons were at the practice this morning when the shooting started. "Nobody puts a gun to our head and says you have to run. It's different with your family. Your family shouldn't be exposed to that."

"He's grown up in the Congress and he comes up every year," said Barton of his son Jack, who was at practice today. "And when he comes onto the floor, he'll touch base with some of the Republicans in Texas and then he'll make a beeline to the Democratic side.

"So he is an example of bipartisanship in himself. And he was at practice this morning, and not only, and he had 25 dads. Everybody out there was looking out for him, not just me," said Barton.

"The first thing I thought about when that happened was Jack," said Doyle. "And that he was gonna be OK."

—Alexis Levinson

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Capitol Police chief praises officers for quick thinking

US Capitol Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa praised the actions of his officers for their "heroic and appropriate response" in protecting those who were fired upon on Wednesday.

Verderosa said one agent is still in hospital having been shot in the ankle, while another received a minor injury and has been released.

Here is his statement:

I want to commend Special Agents Crystal Griner, David Bailey, and Henry Cabrera for their heroic and appropriate response in protecting the Members and others today during their practice for the Congressional baseball game. I'm grateful that Special Agent Griner is in good condition in the hospital having been shot in the ankle, and Special Agent Bailey was treated and released having sustained a minor injury during the incident. The United States Capitol Police is dedicated to its mission to protect the U.S. Capitol, Members of Congress, staff and the visiting public, and today we saw how our officers' extensive training and quick response saved lives. I would like to thank our partner law enforcement agencies including the FBI, ATF, U.S. Park Police, Virginia State Police and especially the Alexandria Police Department, Alexandria Sheriff's Office, and Alexandria Fire Department for their assistance in responding to and investigating this incident. The United States Capitol Police will continue to provide a robust and visible presence across the Capitol Complex, and monitor national and world events to provide the level of security required to protect the U.S. Capitol and Members of Congress.

—David Mack

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Members of Congress receive threats before and after shooting

Multiple members of Congress said there was an uptick in threats coming into their offices both before and after Wednesday morning's shooting at a congressional Republican baseball practice.

Multiple Democratic representatives said during a members-only security briefing that they had received calls after the shooting saying, "You guys are next," California Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragàn told BuzzFeed News.

According to Barragàn, more than one of her Democratic colleagues said during the briefing that they had received a similar call and other threats on their personal phones following the shooting. Barragàn said she did not receive one herself, and would not name those who did, citing their safety.

One of the calls went to "a member who was not on the [Democratic baseball] team," she said, "and other Democratic members expressed concern that they were getting calls saying, 'You Democrats, you Democrats.'"

Read more here.

—Ema O'Connor and Alexis Levinson

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Congress pleads for unity in the wake of the shooting

Speaker Ryan: "We are united in our shock, we are united in our anguish. An attack on one of us is an attack on all…

Although social media was charged with divisive, partisan rhetoric in the wake of Wednesday's shooting at a Republican baseball practice, most members of Congress responded with messages of unity, hesitant to reopen the contentious gun control debate or politicize the attack.

Members described a harrowing scene in which those at the practice faced a barrage of bullets, taking shelter in the dugouts. They repeatedly thanked the Capitol Police, and suspected that more could have been injured or killed had officers not been at the diamond.

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers from both parties echoed Trump's sentiment. "We are united in our shock and anguish," Speaker Paul Ryan told House members who gathered in the chamber in the aftermath of the shooting. "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us."

Members from both sides of the aisle rose to give Ryan a standing ovation as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to the podium. "To my colleagues, you're going to hear me say something you have never heard me say before: I identify myself with the remarks of the Speaker," she said, looking to Ryan with a smile.

Read more here.

—Emma Loop

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Authorities officially name James Hodgkinson as slain gunman

The FBI has confirmed the identity of the shooter as James Hodgkinson, 66, of Illinois.

Law enforcement officers shot Hodgkinson at approximately 7:14 a.m. ET. He was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries, the FBI said in a statement.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is running a trace on two weapons, including a rifle and a handgun, the FBI said.

"The FBI is actively investigating Hodgkinson to include his associates, whereabouts, social media impressions, and potential motivations. This is an active investigation that continues to unfold," the FBI statement said.

One Capitol Police officer who had gunshot wounds was hospitalized and is reported to be in stable condition. Another officer, who was treated for minor injuries, has been released, the FBI said.

A second congressman who sustained "minor injuries" was also transported by a medic unit.

—Tasneem Nashrulla

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Bystander captures shooting on video

View this video on YouTube

A man out walking his dog early on Wednesday captured dramatic cell phone footage of the Alexandria attack.

In Noah Nathan's video, dozens of shots can be heard ringing out as Nathan lay on the ground, seeking cover.

At one point, a man can be seen lying motionless on the field.

—David Mack

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Trump praises law enforcement for saving lives at Alexandria shooting

President Trump delivered a statement on Wednesday morning praising law enforcement's swift actions after a gunman opened fire on members of Congress practicing for an upcoming charity baseball game.

"Many lives would have been lost, if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault," Trump said, later adding that the officers' sacrifice "makes democracy possible."

"Congressman Scalise is a friend and a very good friend," Trump said. "He's a patriot and he's a fighter. He will recover from this assault."

Trump went on to say that everyone on the baseball field was a public servant who loved their country.

"We may have our differences but we do well, in times like these, to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capitol is here because, above all, they love our country," Trump said. "We can all agree that we are blessed to be Americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good."

—Mary Ann Georgantopoulos

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Five shot, two critical, after shooter targets GOP baseball practice

Rep. Steve Scalise, two Capitol Police officers, a congressional aide, and a lobbyist were shot during a GOP baseball practice in Virginia on Wednesday morning, officials said.

Republican congressmen and their staffers were at the Eugene Simpson Stadium Park baseball fields in Alexandria when a shooter opened fire shortly after 7 a.m. ET.

Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina told BuzzFeed News that the shooter asked whether those practicing were Republicans or Democrats before opening fire. A Senate staffer, who was at the practice but asked not to be identified, gave the same account.

The gunman, who was shot dead by law enforcement, has been identified by authorities as James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois. Social media accounts believed to belong to Hodgkinson featured numerous posts denouncing President Trump and supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Scalise, lobbyist Matt Mika, Special Agent David Bailey, Special Agent Crystal Griner, and Zack Barth, a staffer to Rep. Roger Williams, were shot in the melee, House Speaker Paul Ryan told Congress.

Scalise, who is the House majority whip, was struck in the hip and transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Center for surgery, his office said in a statement. The hospital said he is in critical condition.

"We ask that you keep the Whip and others harmed in this incident in your thoughts and prayers," Scalise's office said.

Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and former congressional staffer, was also injured in the shooting.

In a statement to the press, Mika's family said he was shot multiple times and was in a critical condition.

The others who were shot were said to be in good condition.

Read more about how the gunman targeted the practice here. —David Mack

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