Putin Says Trump Is “Very, Very Different” IRL Than On TV

After meeting with a bunch of world leaders in Germany, including Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump's G20 trip is officially over. He returned to the White House Saturday night.

Here's What's Happening:

  • Donald Trump has returned to the White House, wrapping up his trip to the G20 summit.
  • Every country participating in the summit except the United States has reaffirmed its commitment to the Paris Climate Deal, putting their desire to tackle climate change on the record even as President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw from the deal.
  • President Trump briefly met his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for the first time on Friday on the sidelines of the Hamburg summit, where Putin insisted Russia did not meddle in the 2016 presidential election — despite all evidence to the contrary.
  • On Thursday, Trump met German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.
  • Trump also met with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, where in a speech he posed what he said is the fundamental question of our time: "whether the West has the will to survive."
  • Trump told reporters Thursday that he accepted Russia likely interfered in the election, but said "no-one knows for sure," and that it could have been "other people and or countries."
  • The G20 summit, a gathering of global leaders and finance and banking officials, took place over Friday and Saturday in Hamburg, Germany, where rioters have been clashing with police, injuring nearly 200 officers as of Friday night.
  • The summit comes after Trump visited Europe in May and gave a speech to NATO members in which he blasted many member countries for not paying their fair share.

This is the moment Trump and Putin met:


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And That's A Wrap!

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump returned to Washington, DC, Saturday night, bringing to an end their trip to the G20 summit.

Air Force One landed at Andrews Air Force Base at 8:29 pm, according to White House pool reports. First Lady Melania Trump left in a vehicle while the president walked over to Marine One.

Trump picked up a Marine's hat, which was knocked off by the wind, just before he boarded Marine One. The hat, however, blew off again.

— Salvador Hernandez

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"G19" reaffirms commitment to Paris climate accord — without US

Every country participating in the G20 summit except the United States has reaffirmed its commitment to the Paris Climate Deal, putting their desire to tackle climate change on the record even as President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw from the deal.

The "G19" addressed climate change on Saturday morning, leaving the United States isolated on the issue.

"You are familiar with the American position, you know that unfortunately, and I deplore this, the United States of America left the climate agreement," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "But I am very gratified to note that the other 19 member states of the G20 say that the Paris agreement is irreversible."

Read more about the "G19" here.

— Alberto Nardelli

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Putin: Trump is “very, very different” IRL than on TV

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed his relationship with President Donald Trump and Russian interference in the US 2016 presidential election on Saturday, a day after he and Trump met for the first time at the G20 summit.

"Trump on TV is very, very different from the Trump in person that I saw," Putin said, adding that Trump "understands things very quickly."

"I think there is absolutely no grounds for suggesting that Russia was involved in the US elections," Putin also continued to insist.

Here are Putin's comments on his meeting with Trump.

According to the Associated Press, Putin said he thought Trump believed him on that point, but he added that it would be better to ask Trump himself.

The CIA, FBI, NSA, and Director of National Intelligence have concluded Russia did interfere in the election.

After Friday's meeting, the Americans and Russians who participated walked out with different versions of what happened. The Trump administration's version was that they agreed to disagree on the Russian interference to "move forward," whereas the Russians said Trump accepted their denial of involvement in the election.

The meeting between Trump and Putin lasted more than two hours. No notetaker was present for the meeting, creating a he-said-he-said situation. Trump did not answer questions about the meeting but called it "tremendous" on Saturday.

—Lissandra Villa

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Trump: Ivanka's life would be easier if I weren't her dad

President Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, continued to team up during the second and final day of G20 meetings in Germany on Saturday, where Ivanka has played a prominent role.

When she wasn't raising eyebrows by sitting in her father's chair, Ivanka Trump discussed women and entrepreneurship at a program. There, the president's daughter and adviser was able to take the spotlight, even appearing front and center of a photo as her father stood in the back row.

While giving remarks about women participating in the work force, the president praised Ivanka, but added "if she weren't my daughter it would be so much easier for her," to some nervous laughter in the room.

"It might be the only bad thing going for her," Trump joked.

Trump also heaped adoration on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him a "great neighbor" and added he is doing a "spectacular job."

"Everybody loves him and they love him for a reason, so congratulations," Trump said. Several people, including audience members and some of the leaders, giggled as Trump made his remarks about Trudeau.

Trump also referenced the violent protests at the periphery of the summit.

"It's been really incredible the way things have been handled — and nothing is easy — but so professionally and without much interruption, despite quite a few people. And they seem to follow your G20s around. But you have been amazing and you have done a fantastic job," Trump said.

After his highly anticipated meeting with Vladimir Putin on Friday, Trump spent Saturday meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, British Prime Minister Theresa May, and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Trump did make mention of his meeting with Putin, calling it "tremendous." He did not answer any questions about whether Russia lied yesterday about their meeting, which lasted more than two hours. —Lissandra Villa

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Ivanka Trump sat in for her father at a G20 working session

Ivanka Trump sat in for her father at the start of working sessions on day two of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, sources told BuzzFeed News.

President Trump's daughter, since March an official yet unpaid White House adviser, did not take the floor during the session on Africa and immigration. POTUS later returned to take his seat.

One source described Ivanka's presence at the meeting in a word: "Incredible!!!"

Read more about the meeting here.

–Alberto Nardelli

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"WahWeeh 10,000" water cannons prove decisive at G20 protests

It's called "The Wasserwerfer" AKA "The Water Thrower," and it proved decisive in the confrontations between German police and demonstrators during this year's G20 summit.

For weeks, the radical left and its anarchist allies had been promising a "Welcome to Hell" for the G20, the first time that the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies had dared to hold their summit in a city since the 2001 debacle in Genoa that left at least one demonstrator dead and scores more seriously hurt.

In the end, though, the thousands of protesters who gathered here were no match for 20,000 German police dispatched from all over the country, with their helicopters, drones, armored vehicles -- and "The Wasserwerfer 10,000," the latest version of mobile water cannon technology that can propel 10,000 liters of liquid in a blast that dislodges demonstrators, anarchists and, often, clumsy journalists caught in the crossfire. German police have shortened the name to "WahWeeh 10,000," which when said fast sends them into gales of laughter.

For more on the water canons being used, go here.

—Mitch Prothero

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Trump and Putin spoke briefly at the G20’s climate session before heading off to their private meeting

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin delivered brief comments to a gathering of G20 leaders discussing one of the most contentious issues at the summit — climate change — before heading out to their own one-on-one meeting, sources following the climate portion of the talks told BuzzFeed News.

The meeting between US and Russian leaders started around 3:45 pm local time, and lasted over two hours. The gathering of the so-called "working group" to discussing climate change — as well as energy and sustainable development — was planned for 3:30 to 5 pm.

"We just heard that Trump did attend the first part of the climate change session and spoke at it, although we don't know what he said," Brittaney Warren from the G20 research group affiliated with the University of Toronto wrote in an email Friday to BuzzFeed News.

The working group session was an opportunity for leaders to address lingering differences over the language describing climate commitments and priorities in a joint statement to be issued tomorrow at the summit's end. The climate portion of the text remains unresolved in part because US officials have resisted supporting bold climate action.

Besides the joint statement that touches upon climate change — called the "communique" in diplomatic speak — the leaders are expected to release a joint climate action plan.

According to an early May version of this plan shared with BuzzFeed News, the participating nations will reaffirm their commitment to the Paris climate agreement and keeping future global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Since then, Donald Trump announced his intentions to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement and the US failed to endorse the accord in both the G7 leaders' statement and the G7 environment minister's statement.

If all participating countries except the US support this G20 action plan, according to former State Department official Andrew Light, "it will send a very clear message continuing the momentum from the G7 leaders' statement and the G7 environment ministers' statement that the other major parties stand firm against Trump's decision on Paris" and that "the US is isolating itself from the world on this important issue." Light is now a senior fellow in the World Resource Institute's Global Climate Program.

—Zahra Hirji

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Trump and Putin attend same meeting, report different conversations

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin sat down for their first meeting on Friday and chatted about Russia interfering in the 2016 US election – but both camps now disagree on exactly what was said.

The only people in the meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, were Trump, Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, and translators.

Trump began the meeting by asking Putin directly about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, US officials said.

The pair had a "robust and lengthy exchange" about the cyber meddling by Russia during the election, and Trump pressed Putin on the issue numerous times, Tillerson told reporters.

Putin denied Russia was behind any interference, according to Tillerson. (FWIW, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Director of National Intelligence all say Russia interfered in the election).

However, this is where things get messy. The Russians had a very different take on what went down.

Read more here.

– Amber Jamieson

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Putin straight up told Trump that Russia didn't hack the presidential election — even though US intelligence agencies said otherwise

After a more than two-hour meeting at the G20, it emerged that Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Trump that Russia didn't hack the 2016 election.

Trump raised concerns about the interference, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the Associated Press.

But Tillerson said Putin denied any involvement.

The major US intelligence agencies have said Russia interfered in the election to hurt Hillary Clinton.

There were only six people in the meeting room: Trump, Putin, their foreign secretaries, and two translators.

—Tom Namako

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Melania Trump couldn't leave her guest house because of the fierce protests in Germany

Raucous protests in Hamburg continued on Friday against world leaders meeting there for the first day of the G20 summit, with police deploying water cannons and demonstrators using gas for a second day in a row.

The protests began earlier this week but escalated on Thursday, after negotiations between police and protest leaders broke down and grew violent.

Earlier in the day, protesters swarmed around the guesthouse where President Trump was staying with the first lady, delaying her departure.

The activists set dozens of cars on fire and attempted to stop leaders from entering the grounds of the summit.

On Friday morning, Melania Trump's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, said: "The Hamburg police could not give us clearance to leave.

"She was prevented from participating in today's spousal program, which she was looking forward to."

Read the full story here.

—Lissandra Villa

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Merkel, Chancellor of Sass, rolls her eyes at Putin

As Russian President Vladimir Putin wagged his finger and attempted to explain something to Merkel at the G20 summit on Friday, the German leader was caught rolling her eyes.

A lot of people, particularly women, are relating to Merkel's reaction to the mansplaining.

Check it out here.

—David Mack

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Trump and Putin ignored shouted questions about Russia's election hacking in their first bilateral meeting

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ignored multiple shouted questions from journalists about whether they would discuss Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Instead, Trump declared it was honor to be with Putin.

“President Putin and I have been discussing various things. I think it's going very well. We have had very, very good talks,” said Trump, the pair sitting in white chairs next to each other at the G-20 summit.

“We are going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue. We look forward to a lot of positive things happening between Russia, and the United States and for everybody concerned. It's an honor to be with you,” said Trump.

He turned to Putin and shook his hand.

Trump's second handshake with Putin was far less awkward than the first

The Russian-to-English translator was a little hard to understand over the cameras snapping of the cameras, but Putin said he was "delighted" to meet Trump.

"Mr Trump, we spoke over the phone with you several times on very important bilateral and international issues. But, phone conversation is never enough, definitely," said Putin, through a translator. "If you want to have a positive outcome in bilaterals and be able to resolve most international policy issues that will really need personal meetings."

"I'm delighted to be able to meet you personally Mr. President. And I hope, as you have said, our meeting will yield positive result," added Putin.

And then, they finished with another handshake, before shooing reporters from the room as they yelled out questions about Russia's role in the US election.

The only people in attendance in the meeting are Trump, Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and two translators. The meeting is scheduled to last around 30-40 minutes.

– Amber Jamieson

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Trump says Mexico should "absolutely" pay for the wall

President Trump is still insisting Mexico will pay for the wall he plans to build at the US–Mexico border, declaring in front of President Enrique Peña Nieto that Mexico should "absolutely" cover costs.

Trump and Nieto had a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit, sitting next to each other on large white chairs.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner were also present.

Both presidents gave statements about how well the two countries had worked together.

"We're negotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico and we'll see how it all turns out but I think we've made very good progress," said Trump, according to the pool report.

Nieto said their meeting had helped the "flowing dialogue" between the countries "for the security of both nations especially for our borders."

Then, as the pool reporter was being escorted from the room, she asked: "Mr. Trump do you still want Mexico to pay for the wall?"

"Absolutely," he replied.

—Amber Jamieson

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Melania Trump stuck in guesthouse due to protesters outside the building

Melania Trump has been unable to leave her accommodation and join her husband at the G20 summit due to protesters outside their guesthouse.

Anti-globalization protests broke out in Hamburg on Thursday, and continued as world leaders gathered for the first day of the summit on Friday.

Activists have set dozens of cars on fire and attempted to stop leaders from entering the grounds of the summit.

On Friday morning, Melania Trump's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, said: "The Hamburg police could not give us clearance to leave.

"She was prevented from participating in today's spousal program, which she was looking forward to."

Spouses of the world leaders in attendance at the summit are scheduled to take a boat ride, have lunch, and tour the "German Climate Computing Centre" on Friday.

The first lady tweeted her concern for those who were injured during the protests.

Thinking of those hurt in #Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stay safe! #G20

—Alicia Melville-Smith

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G20 leaders have posed for their family photo in Hamburg

President Trump — attending his first ever G20 summit — was positioned close to the far left of the photo, in the front row, next to France's recently elected President Emmanuel Macron.

—Francis Whittaker

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A video posted on the German Cabinet's Facebook page shows the moment Trump and Putin met for the first time


GoPro footage of world leaders meeting and greeting backstage at the G20 summit in Hamburg — and showing the first handshake between Vladimir Putin and President Trump — has been shared by the German government.

The clip was posted on the Facebook page of the Bundesregierung — the Cabinet of Germany — and briefly shows Trump and Putin meeting during an informal introduction session, along with footage of other major world leaders.

Here's the moment in question, immortalized in GIF form:

— Francis Whittaker and Alicia Melville-Smith

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It's happened. President Trump and Vladimir Putin have officially shaken hands, according to the Kremlin.

President Trump and Vladimir Putin have shaken hands for the first time at the G20 summit in Germany, the Kremlin said.

The pair met briefly ahead of their bilateral meeting, scheduled for this afternoon in Hamburg.

Putin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the pair shook hands and commented that they looked forward to their meeting later on, according to the Russian state-run TASS news agency.

The meeting comes as Trump continues to struggle to shake off the controversy surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

—Francis Whittaker

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Trump thanks "everyone, including the haters" for the "great reviews" of his speech in Poland, and says he has "much to discuss" in his first meeting with Vladimir Putin

My experience yesterday in Poland was a great one. Thank you to everyone, including the haters, for the great reviews of the speech!

President Trump, tweeting in Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit, has thanked people "including the haters" for what he says are the "great reviews" of his speech in Poland yesterday.

In a wide-ranging Twitter screed early on Friday morning, Trump said his meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in had been "great."

He then moved on to claim that "everyone" in Hamburg had been talking about how former Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta "refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and CIA."

After Poland had a great meeting with Chancellor Merkel and then with PM Shinzō Abe of Japan & President Moon of South Korea.

Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!

Responding later on Friday via Twitter, Podesta wrote that he was on a cross-country road trip with his wife when he noticed that "whack job" Trump was tweeting about him.

"Get a grip man, the Russians committed a crime when they stole my emails to help get you elected President," Podesta wrote. "Maybe you might try to find a way to mention that to President Putin."

Podesta, who was Clinton's campaign chairman, also tweeted he had "nothing to do with the DNC."

"Dude, get your head in the game. You're representing the US at the G20," he tweeted.

Sally Yates, the former deputy attorney general who Trump fired for refusing to defend his travel ban, also criticized the president via Twitter on Friday.

POTUS' inexplicable refusal to confirm Russian election interference insults career intel pros & hinders our ability to prevent in future.

During his tweetstorm, Trump also addressed his highly anticipated first meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin — saying the pair had "much to discuss" — before bemoaning the coverage he received from outlets he calls the "fake news media."

I look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Putin. Much to discuss. #G20Summit #USA🇺🇸

I will represent our country well and fight for its interests! Fake News Media will never cover me accurately but who cares! We will #MAGA!

Speaking to Russian state-run news service Interfax, Putin aide Yury Ushakov said the Russian president had planned a number of bilateral meetings for the summit, both full-length and "on his feet."

He said that Putin was scheduled to meet Shinzo Abe and Moon Jae-in, as well as Trump, on Friday.

—Francis Whittaker

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Hundreds riot in Hamburg ahead of G20 summit

Hundreds of protesters, many of them from the so-called black bloc anarchist movement, rallied in Hamburg on Thursday for a demonstration they dubbed "Welcome to Hell."

Things escalated quickly, with protesters soon clashing with thousands of riot police in the streets.

Hamburg city officials and police had earlier tried to negotiate with demonstrators over the march, which was planned to circle around the St. Pauli neighborhood adjacent to the G20 venue. But police ultimately refused to allow the protesters to march unless they removed their black face masks.

After an hour of discussion, negotiations broke down. Protesters then began flinging beer bottles and flares at authorities. Police responded with water cannons, gas, and stun grenades.

Officials said overnight on Thursday that 76 officers had been injured, some of them seriously. It wasn't immediately clear how many people had been arrested.

For more on the protests, go here.

—Mitch Prothero and Amber Jamieson

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It's official: Trump and Putin, along with Tillerson and Lavrov, will meet tomorrow

On Friday US President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, NBC News has reported.

The much anticipated meeting comes amid tensions between the two nations at the G20 summit, as questions regarding Russian interference with the US presidential election continue.

Pool reporters will be present for the meeting, according to an official White House schedule.

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President Trump gives speech to large crowd in Warsaw

President Donald Trump used his major speech in Poland to declare that "the West will never be broken," and vowed to win the battle against Islamist extremism.

Speaking in Warsaw on Thursday, Trump said "our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph."

"The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?"

He also spoke at length about Poland's history, and lauded the country for its commitment to defense spending. Poland is one of the five NATO members which spend at least 2% of their GDP on the military.

Trump, who has been critical of NATO in the past, used the speech to add that the US "has demonstrated not merely with words, but with its actions that we stand firmly" behind NATO.

"Words are easy, but actions are what matters," Trump said. He called on other European members of NATO to also boost their defense spending.

Trump also used the speech to call on Russia to stop "destabilizing activities" in Ukraine, and to end support for "hostile regimes" such as Syria and Iran.

He added that the US was eager to expand partnerships with Poland, especially when it came to exporting energy.

—Alicia Melville-Smith

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Trump says election interference could have been down to "other people and/or countries" as well as Russia, and questions why Obama "did nothing"

During a news conference in Warsaw, President Trump said he agreed that Russia was responsible for interfering with the 2016 election, but also said it could have been "other countries and/or people" and that "no one knows for sure."

This is despite US intelligence agencies being far more definitive in their view on Russian involvement.

Trump also questioned why then-president Barack Obama "did nothing" when he first learned of Russian involvement last summer.

"I think it was Russia and I think it could have been other people and other countries who interfered. It could well have been other people. It could have been a lot of people who interfered," Trump said.

"I won't be specific, but I I think a lot of people interfere, it's been happening for a very long time. It's been happening for many years."

Addressing what he perceived to be Obama's lack of action on the matter, Trump said: "Barack Obama found out about this, in terms of if it were Russia, in August. The election was in November. That's a lot of time. He did nothing about it. Why did he do nothing about it? He was told about it by the CIA, but he did nothing about it.

"They say he choked. Well, I don't think he choked. I thought what happened is that he he thought Hillary Clinton would win the election, and he didn't do anything about it. Had he thought the other way, he would have done something about it.

"He was told in early August, presumably by the CIA, that Russia was trying to get involved or meddling pretty strongly in the election. He did nothing about it. The reason is he thought Hillary was going to win. If he thought I was going to win he would have done plenty about it."

When asked whether he would be as equivocal as US intelligence agencies in saying Russia was responsible for the interference, Trump said: "I heard it was 17 agencies. I said, 'Boy, that's a lot, do we have that many intelligence agencies? Let's check it.' We did some very extensive research. It turned out to be three or four agencies."

The journalist questioning Trump attempted to interject, but the president continued: "It wasn't 17. Many of your compatriots had to change their reporting and correct.

"That being said I agree with that. I think it was Russia, but I think it was people and or countries, and I see nothing wrong with that statement. Nobody really knows. Nobody really knows for sure."

Trump proceeded to compare the saga to the debate over weapons of mass destruction and the Iraq War: "Everybody was 100% sure Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Guess what: That led to one big mess. They were wrong, and it ended up with one big mess."

"So, it was Russia, and I think it was probably others also, and that's been going on for a long, long time," Trump said, before moving on once again to his thoughts on Obama's response: "That's the real question. Why did he do nothing about it? Why did he do nothing about it? But I don't think he choked..."

—Francis Whittaker

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Trump: CNN "hurt themselves very, very badly" in response to his tweeted wrestling video

President Trump was asked about CNN's response to the wrestling video he tweeted on Sunday during his press conference alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday, and said the network had "hurt themselves very, very badly."

The video was an edited version of a 2007 WWE WrestleMania clip showing Trump appearing to beat up CNN, leading to accusations the president advocated violence against journalists. CNN then identified and contacted the Reddit user who had originally created the GIF of the clip, which was then edited further before being posted on the president's Twitter account.

The Reddit user, HanAssholeSolo, apologized, but CNN said it "reserved the right" to publicly identify the man should he engage in further "ugly behavior" — prompting criticism of the network.

Asked about the furor, Trump said: "What CNN did was unfortunate for them, as you know now they have some pretty serious problems now. They have been 'fake news' for a long time, covering me in a very dishonest way."

He also said "NBC is equally as bad, despite the fact I made them a fortune with The Apprentice, but they seem to have forgotten that."

"But CNN has taken it too seriously, and I think they've hurt themselves very, very badly," Trump said.

"What we want to see in the United States is an honest, beautiful — but honest — free press. We don't want fake news, not everyone is fake news. But we don't want fake news. Bad thing. Very bad for our country."

President Duda also addressed controversy surrounding his government's treatment of the press, following restrictions placed on Polish media outlets covering parliament.

—Francis Whittaker

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Trump said he's considering some "pretty severe things" after North Korea's intercontinental missile test — but pulled back from any definite action

President Donald Trump has said that he is considering some "pretty severe things" in response to North Korea testing an intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this week.

Speaking alongside his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda in Warsaw ahead of the G20 summit, however, the US president pulled short of suggesting any action in regards to North Korea. Instead, he said he didn't "draw red lines."

"But I think we will just take a look over what happens in the coming weeks and months," he said.

He went on to describe North Korea's "very very dangerous" behavior as a "shame," saying "something will need to be done about it."

.@realDonaldTrump says North Korea is behaving in a very dangerous matter,something will have to be done about it… https://t.co/WoNdGdGtCL

Earlier in the press conference, Trump said: "Not only must we secure our nations from the threat of terrorism, but we must also confront the threat from North Korea. That's what it is, it's a threat. We will confront it very strongly.

"President Duda and I call on all nations to confront this global threat, and publicly demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences to their very very bad behavior."

US and South Korean defense officials confirmed the missile's launch two days ago. The two countries responded with a joint military exercise, firing their own missile into the South's territorial waters. "Global action is required to stop a global threat," Trump's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wrote two days ago.

You can read more about North Korea's missile test here.

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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Trump has met Poland's president, and released excerpts of the speech he will deliver in Warsaw

President Trump has met with Poland's President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, and released excerpts of the speech he is set to deliver in the city's Krasinksi Square, in which he will set out a vision of how he sees Europe.

The White House press office said the president would make the following points in his address:

  • The triumph of the Polish spirit over centuries of hardship gives us all hope for a future in which good conquers evil, and peace achieves victory over war.
  • I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the COURAGE and the WILL to defend OUR CIVILIZATION.
  • The story of Poland is the story of a people who have never lost hope, who have never been broken, and who have never forgotten who they are.
  • We must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and any form of ideological support. While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism.
  • Finally, on both sides of the Atlantic, our citizens are confronted by yet another danger – one firmly within our control. This danger is invisible to some but familiar to the Poles. The steady creep of government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of the people. The West became great not because of paperwork and regulations but because people were allowed to chase their dreams and pursue their destinies. Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty. We must work together to counter forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the South or the East, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are. - The people have been that foundation here in Poland—they were right here in Warsaw—and they were the foundation from the very beginning in America.
  • Because as the Polish experience reminds us—the defense of the West ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail. The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the WILL to survive.
  • Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield—it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls.

—Francis Whittaker

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Trump can't find a hotel room, sending Hamburg into a scramble

White House officials apparently waited too long to book accommodation for President Trump, leaving him without a hotel in Hamburg as world leaders converge for the G20 summit.

Organizers announced the schedule for the G20 summit in February 2016, requesting 9,000 hotel rooms to accommodate world leaders, their sizable staffs, and security details.

Hamburger Abendblatt, a local news outlet, reported that the US government wanted to accommodate President Trump in the Four Seasons, but it was already booked. In fact, it turns out every luxury hotel in Hamburg was reportedly booked by the time the Americans called, leaving Trump, who is associated with an empire of hotel properties, scrambling for a place to stay.

With the summit just days away, the city of Hamburg is apparently stepping in.

Officials would neither confirm nor deny details of who is staying at the Senate guesthouse, but the Associated Press reported that the estate will host Trump.

Police would say only that "a summit delegation" is being accommodated.

Read more here.

—Marcus Engert

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US among nations trying to water down climate language ahead of G20 meeting

A number of G20 governments, including the US, are "significantly trying to water down" language around climate action that will be included in a statement the 20 world leaders are aiming to adopt at this weekend's summit in Hamburg, BuzzFeed News has learned.

"US, India, Saudi Arabia, and partially Brazil and Turkey, are significantly trying to water down G20 commitments on cutting emissions and other ambitious goals on decarbonisation included in the Paris climate agreement," an official close to the negotiations told BuzzFeed News.

Climate change, along with trade and immigration, have been among the major disagreements between the US and most other G20 states in talks leading up to the Hamburg summit.

Finding a consensus on climate action has been made particularly difficult by President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement in May. German chancellor, and summit host, Angela Merkel finds herself in the difficult position of having to choose between trying to isolate the US president and seeking a compromise.

But any move to alter specific commitments contained in the Paris agreements is likely to meet fierce resistance from EU governments. The European Union, Germany, France, Italy, and all other European states taking part in the G20 summit have previously stated they will not compromise on the Paris accords, and the agreement cannot be renegotiated.

"The Europeans, including the UK, are trying to regroup and regain the initiative on climate," the official added.

Speaking to parliament last week, the German chancellor told MPs she was "more determined than ever" to make the Paris agreement a success.

"We cannot wait until every last person on Earth has been convinced of the scientific proof," Merkel said.

BuzzFeed News reported earlier on Wednesday concerns among European negotiators that the US is backtracking on trade positions agreed by the president less than six weeks ago at the G7 summit in the Sicilian town of Taormina. It is seeking to redefine stock wording on fighting protectionism, pushing back on long-held positions and fundamental global principles — such as the rules-based multilateral trading system — and angling to put bilateral trading arrangements on the same level as an international system anchored by the World Trade Organization.

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Three-way meeting on Ukraine to be held at G20 summit

The leaders of Germany, Russia, and France will meet at the G20 summit to discuss the conflict in Ukraine, a spokesperson for the German government told BuzzFeed News.

It wasn't immediately clear, however, when exactly the three-way meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel would take place.

Before the official start of the summit in Hamburg, Merkel will also meet with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump, the spokesperson added.

—Marcus Engert

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European governments are worried that Trump will ratchet up trade tensions after the G20 Summit

As Donald Trump arrives in Europe on Wednesday ahead of this weekend's G20 summit, European officials tasked with drafting a leaders' statement have told BuzzFeed News that major disagreements remain with the US over trade, immigration, and climate change.

With 48 hours to go until the gathering of world leaders begins in Hamburg, European leaders now fear that Trump will announce measures that hit European exporters and escalate trade tensions after the summit — just as he announced the US was pulling out of the Paris climate agreement after his last trip to Europe for the G7 summit in May.

"It would be extraordinary if they made a decision during the G20. They will probably wait until after the summit like he did with Paris," one diplomat said.

European negotiators say the US is backtracking on trade positions agreed by the president less than six weeks ago at the G7 summit in the Sicilian town of Taormina. The US is seeking to redefine stock wording on fighting protectionism, pushing back on long-held positions and fundamental global principles — such as the rules-based multilateral trading system — and angling to put bilateral trading arrangements on the same level as an international system anchored by the World Trade Organisation.

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—Alberto Nardelli

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The president and the first lady are en route to Warsaw

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump boarded Air Force One on Wednesday morning and took off for Poland just after 8 a.m.

As the president was leaving this morning he responded to questions about North Korea by saying, "we're going to do very well."

The president will arrive in Poland around 10:15 p.m. local time, and is expected to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday.

Also on the agenda for the Poland visit is a session of the Three Seas Initiative summit, and a speech in Krasinski Square in Warsaw.

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Trump goes after China in a series of tweets ahead of his travel to Europe on Wednesday

The United States made some of the worst Trade Deals in world history.Why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us?

Trade between China and North Korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. So much for China working with us - but we had to give it a try!

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Tillerson says North Korea's first intercontinental ballistic missile is a "new escalation"

North Korea announced on Tuesday that it had tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile — potentially its most powerful weapon yet, and one possibly capable of reaching the United States.

The announcement came hours after US and South Korean defense officials said North Korea had launched a missile from the country's North Phyongan province that reached an altitude of 2,500 kilometers (1,500 miles) and was tracked for 37 minutes before it fell in the Sea of Japan.

"Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un signed the order to carry out the test-fire of inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 on July 3," a statement from the Korean Central News Agency said.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed North Korea's launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile in a statement on Tuesday evening — saying the US "strongly condemns" the test, and calling on other nations to follow suit.

He called the missile a "new escalation of the threat to the United States, our allies and partners, the region, and the world."

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—Anup Kaphle and Megha Rajagopalan

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