The Government Has To Reprint Trump's State Of The Union Tickets Because There's A Typo Because You Can't Make This Up

"Really looking forward to the State of the Uniom."

Tuesday will bring President Donald Trump's first and highly anticipated State of the Union Address — you know, that very big event where the president delivers a long, impassioned speech to the entire country.

Well, on Monday, some members of Congress attending the SOTU noticed that there was a little spelling error on their tickets. Part of the invite read: "State of the Uniom" — not "State of the Union."

Republicans may have to recall all State of the Union tickets because they say "Uniom" not "Union," per two Dem aid…

("Visitor's" is also incorrect, per the Office of Art & Archives website.)

A spokesperson for the Sergeant at Arms Office, the nonpartisan office in charge of printing the tickets, confirmed that there was a "misprint" and that Senate staffers had corrected, reprinted, and are currently redistributing the tickets.

The spokesperson did not know how many tickets had to be recalled and redistributed, however. Around 700 people usually attend the address, which is a joint session of Congress plus some of the president's guests.

Aides to top Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan were quick to push back on the assumption that this was a Republican flub.

"Republicans" did not print this ticket, per this Republican aide.

"People are really spun up over a really dumb thing," AshLee Strong, Ryan's press secretary, tweeted. "But, carry on."

People are really spun up over a really dumb thing. But, carry on.

Sen. Marco Rubio, who arguably became famous after his intense water-drinking moment during his rebuttal to 2013's SOTU...

...tweeted that he was "looking forward to tomorrow's State of the Uniom."

Looking forward to tomorrow’s State of the Uniom.

The Sergeant at Arms spokesperson could not say whether the office had ever messed up and needed to reprint the SOTU tickets, "but I don't recall it happening before."

The internet, of course, had many hot takms.

The stat of the uniom is string

Many people, including Rep. Raul Grijalva, pondered if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was "in charge of spell checking."

Just received my ticket for the State of the Union. Looks like @BetsyDeVosEd was in charge of spell checking...…

Covfefe obviously made an appearance.

@CNN Will they be serving covfefe at the State of the Uniom?

"M's" made their way into all kinds of words.

A sign of "greatmess"

@newellc31 @lbarronlopez "Greatmess" 😂

People thought "Uniom" carried a deeper, underlying meaning about what is going on in the country.

And somewhere in the Capitol, an worker in the print shop cackles with delight over his State of the Uniom handy wo…


"Uniom" is the Polish dative plural for "unia", or "union" in English. So, state of more than one country. Kinda m…

This is a striking image and actually kind of makes sense.

"Uniom" is the sleep medication for people who sleep with their teeth apart.

Others thought the real story was how and why the State of the Union tickets looked like "a construction paper ticket to a middle school bake sale."

People are missing the story about the typo'd "state of the uniom" ticket. The real scoop is that it looks like a…

Apparently, the "design remains pretty much the same" every year.

"Sometimes the colors and little details change and obviously the dates," the spokesperson for the Sergeant at Arms said.