These Photos Show The Violent, Chaotic Scenes As Hong Kong Protesters March For A 13th Straight Weekend

Demonstrators defied officials and again swarmed Hong Kong's streets, setting fires and clashing with police.

Pro-democracy demonstrators swarmed the streets of Hong Kong for a 13th straight weekend, throwing gasoline bombs and bricks and setting a massive roadblock on fire as riot police bore down with tear gas and batons.

In a historic show of political unrest, people took to the streets again to protest Chinese encroachment on Hong Kong and to decry police brutality. The movement started in June, when millions of people gathered to denounce a controversial extradition bill, which has since been suspended.

However, the crowds have continued to rally against local leaders they've accused of ceding too much authority to mainland China. The demonstrations intensified on Saturday, when hordes of people defied a police ban on that day's gathering. They marched also to protest the arrest of several prominent activists.

Demonstrators lit a road blockade on fire and threw Molotov cocktails as officers sprayed them with water cannons and tear gas. Reporters also tweeted livestreams of police running into subway stations and cars looking for protesters. They appear to show officers beating riders with batons.

The massive demonstration coincided with the fifth anniversary of a decision that denied residents of the former colony universal suffrage, which helped spark the sweeping Occupy movement in 2014.

Here are some photos and video that capture the chaotic scene.

44-year-old Sze Sen-ming is blocking five police vans on Hennessy Road. The nurse says it’s not his first time blocking police vehicles. “I did that for the next generation (of Hong Kong),” he says. “I have nothing to be scared of. It’s just a body.” #antiELAB #ExtraditionLaw

Another clip via Apple Daily live streaming shows police getting on train compartment and beating up unarmed civilians with batons #HongKongProtests #antielab

an online video showing a very dramatic scene in prince edward. riot police suddenly charged onto a train and seen dragging someone out, wielding their batons. #hongkongprotests #HongKong Masses Defy Police, Show China They're Ready to Fight @phila_siu

I wasn’t in train carriage on July 21st, Yuen Long. But this, is resembling the same event yet done by ⁦@hkpoliceforce⁩ #antiELAB #ExtraditionLaw #HongKongProtests