An Arby's Manager Allegedly Shot And Killed A Customer After He Threatened And Spit On Her

Deionna Young returned to work after chasing down a man who kept harassing her. "She fired one shot and returned to finish her shift," Tulsa police said.

A manager at an Arby's in Oklahoma shot and killed a customer who repeatedly threatened her and spat on her face Saturday night, and then returned to finish her shift, police said.

Deionna Young was charged with first-degree murder after Tulsa police said she confessed to shooting 25-year-old Desean Tallent.

When officers responded to a call about a car crash in a Walmart parking lot shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday, they found Tallent in his car with a gunshot wound in his chest. He later died from his injury.

After reviewing surveillance video, detectives discovered that Tallent had gotten into an argument at the Arby's restaurant a few blocks away, which ended with him threatening Young and spitting in her face.

Earlier that evening, the customer had gone through the drive-thru and became irate because he received the wrong drink, Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Pierce told BuzzFeed News. He got angry at Young, who was at the window, spit on her, and drove off, promising to come back and hurt her, police said.

Also enraged, Young barged out of the restaurant and got into her car and started to follow him out of the parking lot when police pulled her over, most likely for "some traffic violation," Pierce said. The 25-year-old told the officer what happened and he took a detailed report and let her go back to work.

About an hour later, Tallent came back to the Arby's, police said in a statement.

He began to circle the parking lot, so, again, Young ran outside, got in her car, and followed him down the street. During the short pursuit, both drivers would speed up and then brake. Finally, Young pulled up alongside Tallent and shot at him through the window.

"She fired one shot and then went back to work and finished her shift," Pierce said.

Tallent kept driving until he crashed his SUV into a Walmart store entrance, prompting bystanders to call the police. He later died at the hospital.

Young has confessed to the shooting but has not yet plead guilty to the first-degree murder charge, Pierce said. She claimed that she destroyed the weapon and will show detectives "where she dumped the gun parts," police added in a statement.

Young does not have a gun license, Pierce confirmed. She was being held without bond at the county jail.

An Arby's spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that "the franchise owner is cooperating with authorities as they conduct an investigation.”

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