Spotify's Discover Weekly Updated Late And People Were Furious

People love this playlist.


According to Spotify, the bug delaying Discover Weekly on Monday has been fixed, and users should have access to the playlist by Tuesday at the latest.

Discover Weekly is a Spotify feature that delivers an algorithmically personalized playlist to its users each week. It's supposed to update every Monday morning and people really love it. It's pretty popular, and has an avid fanbase online. But there's a flip side to that love.

When it doesn't update, people get angry.


@Spotify needs to update my discover weekly playlist before I go crazy.

Hey @Spotify where's my Discover Weekly? I'm not the only one who didn't get a new one, and it normally brings me so much joy!

When it's 1pm and Spotify still hasn't updated your discover weekly playlist... 😕😕

Where were YOU during the infamous Discover Weekly riots of Sept 2015, etc

Or, sad.

@Spotify I'm a simple guy. Not a lot to look forward to on Monday's, except for Discover Weekly. Today...not there. Is it me? #heartbroken

No Discover Weekly from @Spotify. Did I finally listen to ALL the sensitive, folksy boy songs?

My Spotify discover weekly playlist hasn’t updated yet and I’m so lost 😢

Why hasn't my @Spotify #DiscoverWeekly playlist updated? I'm so sad, worst Monday ever.

And there a lot of questions.

@SpotifyCares ETA on the #DiscoverWeekly playlists?

Come on @Spotify - where's my Discover Weekly?

hey @Spotify why no new discover weekly playlist? It's the best part of Monday morning right after coffee

A Spotify spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that there is a "known bug" preventing the update.

While hand-wringing over the delay seems bad, it's proof that Spotify has something on its hands that works. In an increasingly crowded streaming music market, finding a way to hook people to a single service is invaluable. From the looks of things, Spotify might have one in Discover Weekly, which is only two months old.

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