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Look At Apple's Shiny New Music App

The changes come ahead of the unveiling of the company's new streaming service.

Posted on April 14, 2015, at 3:23 p.m. ET

Via 9to5Mac

Via 9to5Mac

Apple's iOS music app will be getting a significant makeover with the next iPhone update.

Starting with iOS 8.4, the app will be split into three screens: Music, Playlists, and Radio. The display will now show which songs are up next, making the mobile experience closer to what listeners get on iTunes and allowing users to reorder or change playlists on the fly. The music app will also surface recently added albums and playlists, making it easier to find new music.

Of the news here, separating playlists into a standalone screen may be the biggest. Playlists have been a central part of the digital listening experience for more than a decade now, but with the advent of massive streaming libraries they've become the primary way many people listen to music. Spotify is actively experimenting with new ways to use them and — if Apple's purchase of Beats is any indication — they will be a large part of the streaming service Apple is expected to roll out later this year at June's Apple developer's conference.

The new design is currently available only in beta, but 9to5Mac has released a gallery of images showing what the new app will look like.

Via 9to5Mac.

Via 9to5Mac.

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