How Did You Listen To "Lemonade"?

We know you've heard it. But did you actually shell out for a Tidal account?

By now, everyone's heard Beyoncé's new album, Lemonade.

In typical Bey fashion, though, the rollout was unique.


The only way to stream the album is by subscribing to Tidal, or buying it on iTunes or Amazon. This is, evidently, a boon for Tidal, which is owned by Beyoncé's husband, Jay Z, and which is now the No. 2 most downloaded app in the iTunes store.

  1. So, how are you listening to "Lemonade"?

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So, how are you listening to "Lemonade"?
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    I was already a Tidal subscriber.
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    I'm on, like, my fourth free trial on Tidal at this point.
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    I bought the album as soon as it hit iTunes.
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    I bought the CD/DVD combo on Amazon.
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    I illegally downloaded it, of course?
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    I actually still haven't listened to it, but I hear Jay cheated on Bey??!!!??