Monopoly Is Letting You Pick Its New Playing Pieces

Hasbro's giving you a chance to vote on what the iconic board game's playing pieces will be.

The iconic Monopoly board game is getting a new set of playing pieces, and you can vote on whether you want the hashtag symbol or kissy face emoji to be one of the game's tokens.

The current set is made up of eight die-cast pieces: a battleship, a shoe, an old-school race car, a cat, a top hat, a schnauzer named Scottie, a thimble, and a wheelbarrow.

Fans can choose eight among 64 pieces, and the new set will be shipped with the game in October. Voting closes Jan. 31, and Hasbro will reveal the results on March 19.

The redesign isn't unprecedented. In 2013, fans voted the cat token as the newest game piece when the iron token received the lowest number of fan votes in a Hasbro poll. The company said it decided to open up a vote on all the tokens in 2017 because it had seen strong engagement from fans in previous polls.

A few of the tokens, like the hashtag, originated on the interwebs, while others resemble classic symbols that have found new meaning in digital culture. Hasbro said that it based the choices on pop culture, past editions of Monopoly (that's where the cowboy boot and the penguin came from), and Mr Monopoly's luxe life (the helicopter, the money clip). It also included lasting, recognizable symbols to give fans a range of choices.

The key

Made famous by DJ Khaled's relentlessly positive Snapchat, where he talks about the "major keys" to living a more successful life.

The #hashtag

We can thank Twitter for this viral symbol.

The winky face emoji

For when you're planning to Monopoly and chill.

The thumbs-up

An iconic symbol of positivity that's made its way into the emoji vocabulary. It can help bridge the generation gap for millennials who still live with their parents.

The computer 🖥

What started it all.

The kissy face emoji

"Monopoly with bae." —Future Instagram caption

The classic smiley face

And an emoji version of Rich Uncle Pennybags, Monopoly's mascot

A not-so-subtle emoji suggestion for Unicode?

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