Here Are The 15 Most Batshit Things People Have Lost In Ubers

Phone? Ring? Keys? Lobster?

Uber released a series of ~fascinating~ lists today about what people lose in Ubers and when they lose it.

The top five most commonly lost items are what you'd expect.

  1. Phone
  2. Ring
  3. Keys
  4. Wallet
  5. Glasses

Getting back your phone seems tricky, given that Uber is an app. But it's possible.

There are certain cities where people are more prone to losing their stuff:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York City
  3. San Francisco

Tbh, though, these just seem like the cities where people take the most Ubers.

In 2016, a lot of people left something behind in their Uber on Halloween weekend:

More people were absent-minded on October 30 and December 11 than any other days of the year. Saturday and Sunday are the days when people lose the most stuff — again, these are the days when it seems people take Ubers most frequently. Uber did say that it sees an increase in lost plane tickets on Saturdays and lost wedding dresses on Sundays.

The real treasure, though, is the company's roundup of the "most unique" items abandoned in Ubers:

🤔 We have some questions.

  1. Lobster (was it still alive when you got it back?)
  2. Potted plant (same question as the lobster)
  3. "Valuable Nordic walking poles" (how much $$ we talkin'?)
  4. Lottery ticket (same question)
  5. "Sweet potato care package" ("Who's my little sweet potato?" —your mom, probably)
  6. Rubber mallet (who are you, the Joker?)
  7. Laser (What kind? For tag, for science, or for annoying people in a movie theater?)
  8. Hot Cheetos (honestly girl they're like $1 plz chill?)
  9. Smoke machine (it's lit?)
  10. Bulletproof vest (, what were you going to use that for?)
  11. "Meat packet" (...what?)
  12. "Expensive slipper" (hope Cinderella wasn't mad?)
  13. Diary (did the driver read it?)
  14. Arm sling (you took it off and forgot your arm was broken?)
  15. "Money bag" (you used an Uber as a getaway car for a bank robbery?)

Uber wouldn't tell us what happened when people asked for the items back.

Just FYI, here's how you can get your lobster back if you leave it in an Uber, ya klutz:

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