World War II Memorial Erupts Into A Battlefield Of Its Own

"Sometimes you just want to punch these congressmen in the face."

On Wednesday, the politically charged National World War II Memorial became a circus for media, politicians, and sadly, veterans.

1. Congressman Bill Huizenga, R-MI, yells at a park ranger:

2. A protester yells at the congressmen:

And a member of the veterans group yells back:

3. Michele Bachmann declares:

4. Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill says other members of Congress were at the memorial for political reasons:

And then insults the tea party:

5. Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, a tea party member, responds to McCaskill with a K-9 reference:

6. A frustrated park ranger says:

And asks who is benefiting from this:

And tells BuzzFeed she is relieved to be on furlough after this:

7. And this veteran had some honest advice for leaders in D.C.:

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