Why Is Google 100% Certain This Man Is An Eggplant?

It's a conspiracy.

This is Chris Maloney.

He is an English X-factor contestant from the UK who has an aspiring singing career.

You have most likely have never heard of him.

This is a cool picture of an eggplant.

A strange thing happens when you drop the picture of the eggplant into a Google search:

"No way!"

Google is certain that this eggplant is the singer Maloney.

Google even replaces the eggplant for Maloney's face on all his legit news articles.

There is seemingly no natural connection between an eggplant and Maloney in other Google searches.

Here are Google's "visually similar/best guess" images for the eggplant.

Do you agree?

Or is this a conspiracy? Does Google somehow know that Maloney is actually a singing vegetable?

It would not be totally unprecedented.

So Google, how high does this conspiracy go?

Oh. My. God.

They were right.