The 9 Most Embarrassing Republican Youth Outreach Fails

Thanks for the idea, Stephen Colbert!

9. When Mitt Romney's natural reaction to meeting a bunch of teenagers in 2008 was to quote the Baha Men classic, "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

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8. When college Republicans decided to "break up" with Barack Obama.

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"Did he stimulate you?"

7. When this man is responsible for the Republican Party's most viral moment of the 2012 campaign.

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6. When MC Rove happened.


While not exactly an "outreach effort," Karl Rove did dance like a drunken robot and play with his cell phone while cast members of Whose Line Is It Anyway? rapped. This was on stage during the 2007 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

If you have a steady stomach, you can watch the entire video here:

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5. When a Kid Rock song became the Republican anthem of 2012.


4. When this Mitt Romney frat rap happened.

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No, this is not a parody.

"All we really have to say about it is..."

"It got 244 likes, HOMIE!"

3. When Missouri's Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder said this in 2009:

Jeff Roberson / AP

2. When then-RNC Chairman Michael Steel said in 2009 that his "urban-surburban hip-hop" outreach would be "off the hook."

In the same article he elaborated, "We need to uptick [the RNC's] image with everyone, including one-armed midgets."

1. When Republicans circulated this survey to find out what young people thought of the GOP:

And it had questions like these:


Republican surveys: The most natural way to come out.

Cindy McCain was a big advocate of this groundbreaking survey:

Age 18-29? Tell the RNC chairman what YOU think of the Republican Party. Results will be given to him in 2 weeks

Age 18-29? Tell the RNC chairman what YOU think of the Republican Party. Results will be given to him in 2 weeks Cindy McCain

But whatever, it'll end up OK for Republicans. The Romney family is creating their own conservative youth.

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